June 26, 2009

From One Townie to Another

Preface: Yeah, I know. It's kind of a geeky thing to do. I'm not the type to leave comments like I think they're important-I give feedback on my fellow bloggers (because they're awesome!) but little else. I don't write People Magazine and suggest that Britney spend more time with her family or Rhianna find a boyfriend that doesn't beat her. But I decided that, knowing how truly good it feels to get feedback, especially good feedback, it was something I should pass on when I'm a fan. Because I want this guy's job, I thought I should tell him so. And if you don't read 'The Reluctant Townie' in The News-Gazette, you are missing a non-newspapery piece, and some great writing and humor.

Mr. Jackson,

I read the Gazette Thursday through Sunday. I always forget your column is on Fridays. So every Friday afternoon, when I open the B section, I'm pleasantly surprised. This doesn't sound like high praise, but it is.

I am definitely a fan. Admittedly, a part of that is jealousy. I wrote a couple articles for the Spinoff section a million years ago, and thought the experience was one of the greatest of my life as a wannabe. Then I moved away. When I came back to Champaign, I found Friday's last B pages were my favorite. You have the job I am most envious of: writing-specifically, writing about every day life in a personal, bloggy kind of way-and getting paid for it. In fact, your column was a primary factor in subscribing to The News-Gazette in the first place. There's something really refreshing about Bro-o-meters in between worried financial columnists and AP briefings on North Korea.

So congrats on the upcoming wedding, ignore (but still write about) people who don't appreciate Snuggie articles, and go see the Hangover-from a hopeful writer to someone who's got it nailed.


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