May 25, 2010

Like Puzzle Pieces

"So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you."
Paulo Coelho

I've been asked before how I knew Sky was the one. How was I sure I loved him? How was I able to promise a lifetime with him? The truth is, up until meeting him, I thought it was purely logical- you make a decision to be with someone and you hold onto that. I have more recently learned that besides commitment, which is still a very important glue in any relationship, you need love. And goodness, do I ever love that boy.

There's numerous reasons, of course, and I probably couldn't pin them all down to a list if I tried- not only because my brain's capacity has greatly decreased since the beginning of this pregnancy, but also because there are probably things I love about him that I don't even realize.

As for the things I can list, beyond the typical 'he makes me smile' type of answer, there are things like last night, when he laid his head on my belly and read our unborn daughter "Amelia Bedelia" (whereupon she perked up from a nap and began to kick). Because I was feeling queasy, he substituted all the words that had to do with food, and we would laugh every time he got to one. All I know is that Amelia Bedelia sure cooked a lot of 'stuff' and made 'stuff' and served 'stuff' and that was good enough for me.

I love him because he helps me off the couch (or more accurately, our extremely low to the ground futon), something that has become invaluable with this huge belly in the way. I love that he calls me out to the balcony because some flowers we planted are beginning to sprout. I love that he always reaches for my hand because we're both a little clingy. I love that today, which is my dad's birthday, he seemed just as enthused to sneak into my dad's house with me and put up balloons and streamers everywhere. I love that we can watch most of the same shows, crave most of the same restaurants (*when I'm not pregnant, especially), and laugh at the same things. I love that we still miss each other when he's gone for drill. I love that we truly don't have the stupid fights that most couples have. I love that we can prove the stereotypes and cliches about marriage wrong, and that we laugh at them.

And finally, I love him because I almost didn't. He and my brother decided to join the National Guard within a month or two of each other. They decided to have the same infantry MOS (job position), which meant they would meet when they trained together in Arkansas and later in North Carolina. They ended up liking each other or at least not hating each other as much as they hated the other guys, and when the time came to deploy, they picked each other for roommates. I wrote my brother while he was gone, and we talked on the phone. Once he went to Afghanistan, we talked online. He told me stories about a select few people, and "P-rez" was one of them. After realizing I wouldn't get many pictures of my brother, I decided to 'friend' some other soldiers he'd mentioned on Facebook to look through their albums, and Perez was one of the handful. After a few short conversations about the weather at their FOB and general small talk, I realized that I wasn't disappointed when my brother wasn't online but Sky was. And a couple months after we talked and emailed, he went on leave. We spent a total of 1 weekend + a sleepless night together on his mom's couch, but by the time he flew back overseas and I drove home to Champaign, we'd already planned a life after the deployment. We've been basically joined at the hip ever since.

There are so many things that had to align just right for us to meet. And they did. And that is the biggest miracle.

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