June 8, 2010


"Have your adventures, make your mistakes, and choose your friends poorly -- all these make for great stories."

This is not the plan, of course.

The plan is for his alarm to go off quietly sometime around 5am. He'd flip on his bedside lamp, fumble for his uniform, or his PTs in today's case. He'd carry his enormous amount of supplies down the apartment steps, and come back up to kiss me before he left. I'd vaguely hear his car drive away, and roll over into a lovely sleep of at least three more hours.

But, what often happens is that I'm wide awake after this. Sometimes I take some Benedryl and shut my eyes stubbornly until I drift off. Sometimes I scroll through my phone or try to read something. This morning, however, I knew I was delaying the inevitable, and finally got up to start some coffee and rub my eyes until I could see. The coffee pot is beeping loudly to announce my salvation.

And with this, I think back to the start of this blog- 100 posts ago. Has it really been so many? Spanning the last year and a few months, I went from single girl living with a parent to married, pregnant girl (ironically, about a mile down the road from that parent). When I began the blog, I was missing my brother who was halfway through his deployment in Afghanistan. I was beginning to search for an apartment. I was drinking a little too much and staying up a little too much. And somehow, I met my brother's roommate, fell in love, waited for him to come home, found an apartment for us to share, had a good summer with my best friend living a few streets over, welcomed the boys home, got pregnant, got married, and moved again. Now I'm sitting on my couch at the beginning of a drill week, rubbing my huge belly and wondering how time could go so quickly.

What will the next 100 hold? The only things I can count on are the first anniversary for Sky and I and the birth of our daughter. Other than that, the slate is blank. If I've learned anything from the past year or so, it's to completely drop expectations and plans, because the most unexpectedly wonderful things can happen.

An ex boyfriend recently messaged me to apologize for the way he treated me. He said, though, that he could tell from Facebook that I'm happy now, and that we 'obviously' wanted different things. I had to smile as I thought about that. Although I didn't correct him, the truth is quite the opposite. I wasn't perfectly happy, but I was where I thought I should be at the time and had no plans to seek out Mr. Right- then or ever. I did not think marriage would be in the cards for me, or the kids that go with it. Meeting Sky was quite the curve ball in my life's 'plan'. It turned out to be the greatest thing that's happened, though, and obviously was life-changing in more ways than one.

So, a toast from me to my blog. It's seen a lot of wear, but I have a feeling the next 100 is going to be just as thrilling as the last. Cheers.

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Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Happy 100th!! Life never ceases to amaze me.

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