November 20, 2010

That Kind of Mom

I refuse to call pacifiers 'binkies' or 'pacis'. I strongly dislike the term 'play-date'. (I don't even like saying the word "Boppy", although I have one and use it daily.) I hate when people call their little girls "sissy" (side note: Sky calls Ayden this sometimes, but he already knows I don't like anyone calling Amelia that). Although I raise my voice to a cringe-worthy tone when talking to her, I will not talk baby-talk. Will Not. I am not that kind of mom.

However, you know the kind of mom who gets emotional over a stupid slideshow she made on a quiet Saturday night?

Um, that's totally the kind of mom I am.

If you can stomach the absolute sappiness of them, here they are. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Birth to now.

Pregnancy through birth.

Sniff sniff...
and now I give you full permission to roll your eyes.

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Birdie said...

Okay, that made ME misty-eyed, so I guess that shows what kind of mom I am too:) She's so sweet and so obviously loved!

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