November 20, 2010

Using an Oven and Other Strange Things

I take care of Millie, and I'm a neat freak to the point of distraction, but cooking? I never believed in it.

It's probably the mixture of the holidays and the occasional need to do something more intellectually stimulating than shaking a rattle, but I've spent a bit more time in the kitchen this past month or two. Of course, any time in the kitchen is more than I usually spend- in the past, my specialties have been Jack's pizza, fish sticks, and egg sandwiches. And while they still are for the most part, I'm slowly branching out. Very, very slowly.

Thanksgiving day is going to be quiet at my house this year; Sky works that day, and we are having a bigger, family Thanksgiving on Saturday instead. But because it's our first married one, and because I get a little obsessed about traditions, I decided to make a small meal before he heads out the door. You'll probably never read a post about cooking on this blog again (although never say never, right?), but I have to brag about my menu to somebody!

The (smallish) Chambanachik Feast:

*Easy-looking crock pot turkey breasts with veggies. But with only one onion- I hate onions.
* Drool-inducing mashed potatoes- I (seriously) love drinking half and half, so the fact that this has cream and buttermilk makes them very worthy of trying.
*Store-bought Hawaiian rolls (love 'em!) and real butter for them,
canned cranberry sauce (because Sky and I both like it better than the 'real stuff),
homemade green bean casserole (tradition),
and a mostly homemade pumpkin pie with a spruced-up crust. (if you don't have pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, you might as well not even try)

I have to use some white wine in the turkey, so I plan on making good use of the rest of the bottle. *wink* If it doesn't turn out very well, at least I'll have wine.

I promise pictures after the big day, whether it's delicious or extremely burnt. (My money's on the burnt.)

2 kind comments from you:

Raychial Smitherzface said...

Canned cranberry sauce in big circle slices is the best :-D

Miss Peach said...

I have faith in you! You can do it! I cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner by myself the first year we moved to Evansville and it turned out fabulously! Although, I can't wait to hear the outcome, I will be rooting you on from oh so far away!

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