February 22, 2011

Behind Those Baby Blues

Gosh, she's cute. Squash and applesauce cannot cover up that sweet half smile.


When bloggers post about their cute kids, I always wonder what the real story is- the things I don't see in the picture.

The real story here: a grumpy baby who hated me for the audacity I had to sneak some turkey into her squash. Revolting! In between these pictures, I asked Sky for a paper towel. I needed to wipe the food off my forehead that had somehow been flung my way. This session ended by me tapping on her cheeks until she opened her mouth. I would absolutely not give up until those baby food jars were empty. She was going to eat her dinner if it killed me.

What a stubborn kid she is already! Where on earth did she get that from? 

4 kind comments from you:

Morgan said...

Maybe she wasn't hungry? My kids spits at me when he's not wanting to eat. Plus baby foods are for learning anyways, never force her to eat. :)
Very cute pictures by the way.

Elizabeth said...

Left you something on my blog :)

Beka said...

i always wonder how i'll cope if i get kids like me. oh boy. :]

but gosh, her face is a cute one;)

Goodnight moon said...

Look at those FULL cheeks! So cute!!!!!!

And...BTW..love the new look of your blog! Super fresh looking!

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