February 6, 2011

Thieves, etc.

"You are attempting to be logical, I suspect, 
and logic has little to do with government, 

and nothing at all to do with military administration. " 

I don't say much about the military on this blog, despite being a mil-spouse. It's not that I don't have opinions, but more that Sky's once a month drill for the National Guard makes us seem less like a military family except when he's deployed.

But today, I am going to say something. Two somethings.

The first- when drills are scheduled a year in advance, and it is always known how many soldiers is in the drill group, someone should figure out how to make sure those soldiers have enough hotel rooms. Sky considered sleeping in the car last night, because his name wasn't on the list and Holiday Inn (I officially dislike them now) refused to give him the bed of another solider who didn't make it to drill. The fact that we expect boys to go risk their lives for us, and take such poor care of them in so many instances, is something that baffles me.

The second- to the thief/thieves who broke into a military Humvee during this drill, and stole my brother's military gear, money, driver's license, car keys, etc.- I hope the whatever you spend that money on and whatever you do with that gear makes you feel like less of a complete idiot. As if you aren't already a total loser stealing stupid crap like that anyway, stealing from someone who has been overseas to protect you is a pretty scumbag move. Pat yourself on the back for that one.

I'm actually in a great mood today, but needed to get those things off my chest.

There. Off. Now on to excessive eating and ignoring a football game!

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Beka said...

gosh. what a way to treat the soldiers? like what the hey!!!
what a loser that thief is. that's just stupid.

surprisingly, i had a pretty good sunday night! hope you did too, dear:)

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