February 5, 2011


Quick note tonight:

You probably noticed the lack of clutter on my blog. Ahhh. Isn't it lovely?

I've added page tabs at the top- about me type of things, etc. The "bloggers I heart" tab replaced my scrolling blogroll, so rest assured your buttons are still there!

For those of you wondering, my blog design originally came from Delicious Design Studio (Freebies Section), but I tweaked it a lot in Blogger to simplify it even more. I finally got a favicon by making one here, uploading it to photobucket, and getting instructions here. I added the pages tabs under the 'edit pages' section on the posting tabs in Blogger. I'm spelling this all out because it took me a long time to figure it out. I'm a bit slow with all this technology sometimes!

Anyhow, I hope it looks a bit cleaner and sleeker. I'll write a real post later, but it's definitely bedtime now.

2 kind comments from you:

Beka said...

i know--only after a few times of doing tweaking on mine did i actually "get it"!
i think it looks lovely, clean, so lovely:)
sorry. my favorite word.

Poekitten said...

I liked the old look, but I like the new one too!

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