March 12, 2011

Hardly Art

"Our truest response to the irrationality of the world is to paint or sing or write,
 for only in such response do we find truth." 

I told you that what Sky gave me on Valentine's Day. I mentioned that I gave him a horribly inadequate oil painting. This is the aforementioned painting.

When we met for the first time, I had driven a couple hours south of my home to visit him while he was on leave from deployment. (He was my brother's roommate- you'll have go to deeper into the blog to read the whole story, or read my guest post at The Wifey Blogs today.) I pulled up to the curb, nervous and sweaty-palmed. He stepped out into the porch light. And we met eyes, for the first time, on his mother's porch.

So it isn't a very scenic painting. There isn't anything exciting to see. It's more what it represents. I haven't painted anything since the princesses and rainbows I probably doodled in grade school. He says he loves it, probably so as not to hurt my feelings. The little circle by stairs is supposed to be the ring of mine that he wore the rest of the deployment, but I'll never tell him that.

And it's hung in our bedroom, so I won't be embarrassed about anyone seeing it
...that is, except you.


3 kind comments from you:

Laura said...

I think it's perfect! How sweet.

Beka said...

hey, i like it!
simple, rugged, and i have never tried oils....hmmm. you're cooler than i am. ;)

i love how you pulled it from a memory. that's awesome.

jessicajane said...

I love the painting, and I know he does too, and isn't just saying it to not hurt your feelings. Anything that my husband has ever made me I absolutely adore, I should share some of his paintings on my blog. I love the story behind it too, that is what makes it so special.

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