March 4, 2011

Living Up to Promises

"A girl could never have too much jewelry or too much weaponry." 

The odd thing about blogging-for me, anyway- is that I oftentimes send my words out into a seeming void. My blog has turned into a diary of sorts. I sometimes forget that there are people on the other end of the computer who read what I write, react to it, and occasionally remember it.

So a week or two ago, my friend Amber decided that she would make me live up to the post back in December that had me claiming I would wear large, dangling earrings instead of my usual boring studs. I had decided 2011 would be full of big jewelry.


We shopped through several rotating racks of earrings in every shape and size imaginable. There were some that looked like replicas of disco balls, and others that were feathers or birds or other too-wild-for-me shapes. She is more daring than I, and found a few cute pairs that suited her well.

This is what I usually wear:

But in her kindness, and after some urging to look in the mirror, she bought these for me:

Thank you, Amber. They are fabulous! Slowly but surely, I will break out of my earrings shell.
And also watch what I promise on this blog.


7 kind comments from you:

beth @ {expeditionaryfamily} said...

i know the feeling! i figure as long as i remember my parents read it and don't say anything to embarrass them, i've done alright. *lovely* dangly earrings. macy's is a good place to find more.

Steph said...

I never wear dangling earrings. Maybe I should give them a shot. They look super cute.

Brenna said...

I love those!

annoyed army wife said...

Yay for big earrings! I live for obnoxious earrings! These look great (and not obnoxious).

Mowenackie said...

Those are great! I, too, usually wear more conservative earrings. I have a few pair that are bigger and dressier, but they usually get stuck in my hair, so they are reserved for special occassions. When I remember them.

JennyTheBeatBoxer said...

I somehow always get my fingers caught in dangly earrings! So I avoid them at all costs! lol. :) Those are beautiful!

Beka said...

ah, they're so pretty!
love them:)
i got this random awesome pair on sale at target for my bday--a sweet, intense blue with an indented design in the metal. hahahah. yeah.
:) it was branching out even a bit for ME. but sister said i could pull it off, so i had faith in her. ;)

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