March 4, 2011

Public Service Announcement

I have wanted to post this for a good while, but thought it was especially relevant with all my new followers:
I can't brag about a lot. One thing I can boast about is my response to comments on my blog. The best thing about putting my writing out there is getting feedback from readers, so if you take the time to comment, the least I can do is respond. I'd say I reply to around 95% of the comments I get...


You don't have a reply-to email set up in Blogger. This makes me cry. Some of my favorite bloggers still don't have this set up, and I hate when I can't respond to something great that they said.

So check and make sure you have an email address entered in. I'm including the link to an article that explains it all, along with instructions below for what you need to do.


Follow these instructions to see if you are a NO-REPLY blogger: 
Sign in to Blogger and bring up your Dashboard or Profile Page. Click on EDIT PROFILE.
See the third box down (SHOW MY EMAIL ADDRESS) there should be a check mark in it.
Scroll down; see the section titled IDENTITY. See the box labeled EMAIL ADDRESSYour Email address should be in that box. 
If there is no email in that box or if you don't have the Show My Email Address box checked. You are a NO-REPLY blogger. 



6 kind comments from you:

Poekitten said...

I get sad when I get this too! I posted something like this not long ago and I still get some no-reply:( Hopefully all yours go away!

Mrs. Mootz said...

I'm all set up with a reply email!

I found you through Annoyed Army Wife. I'm a National Guard wife too! There aren't many out there blogging as far as I can tell, so I love meeting out ANG spouses :)

Dr. Army Wife said...

Thank you! I didn't realize I was no-reply. I just fixed it (I think).

Erin said...

I always try to respond to my comments too! And it really makes me sad when they are No Reply. I might link to this post so that my readers can fix that too. :)

Beka said...

yep yep yep, this is a great reminder for people! :)

Kerry said...

Thankyou!! I too didn't realise, but good to go now :)

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