March 15, 2011

The (Other) Big Day

Wives are people who feel they don't dance enough.
-Groucho Marx

Amelia and I have a new tradition. I turn on some 60s music station on the satellite. I stand her up and grab her tiny hands. And we rock back and forth, or sometimes shimmy a little. She wiggles her little butt and  and grins until she starts to get worn out, and then I hold her against me and we dance cheek to cheek. And at that moment, I think to myself- I can't wait for it to be my turn to smile and sway while someone holds me.

The battalion ball is coming up in just a couple weeks. I'm getting more excited-wildly excited- every day.

A couple people have compared it to prom. (Maybe it's because I'm been saying "I'm going to proooooom!" in a singsong voice every so often.) I thanked Sky for taking me to prom. I have even been told (not by him) I'm silly to want to go.

But that's exactly it- it is my prom, but in a more grown-up and exciting way. I didn't have the chance to go to a prom in high school- homeschooling will do that to you. (Incidentally, Sky didn't go to prom, either- so it's a first for us both.) And I didn't have a wedding day in the way that the majority of girls do.(I  went over this already at the guest post I did for the Annoyed Army Wife.) I haven't had a glamorous, bigger-than-real-life day.

I want a day. I want someone to fuss over my hair, turning it into a pile of curls with a few shiny barrettes pinned in. I want to wear darker, more mysterious makeup. I want glitter across my collarbones, and shimmery pink lip gloss across my lips. I want heels that will make my feet hurt after standing in them for seven hours. I want a picture of a boy and I posed next to a flag- the kind of picture you show your kids years later and get comments like, "Wow, look at you guys!" I want huge earrings that make me feel confidant and girly. I want to glow in a softly glistening dress made even more dramatic by the low lights in the room. I want a knight in shining armor in a Class A to link arms with, and perhaps even hold for a slow dance.

I have a dress. He has a bow tie.
And in a few weeks' time, I'll have that day.


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Erin said...

You are not silly at all! I look forward to ball every year!!! It is exactly like a grown up version of prom. I love to get my girlfriends together to go dress shopping. I get my hair done, sometimes even my nails. I buy fancy shoes and (every now and then) a pretty matching purse. Then I get all gussied up and go to ball! It's so much fun! I love it! And, I get to have pictures taken, just like prom! We have the two most recent years on our mantle at any given moment.

I'm with you. I love ball. I love getting all dressed up. You will have so much fun! And you will feel like a princess. :) Love it up! Enjoy it! HAVE FUN!

Beka said...

i love this!
eh, i didn't do prom either. someone asked, but....that's a long story. heh.

it's going to be wonderful for you!!

Beka said... were homeschooled? for how long?
[i graduated 2 years ago. finally:)]

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