April 20, 2011

Commissioned Art

"Every day one should at least hear one little song, read one good poem, 
see one fine painting and -- if at all possible -- speak a few sensible words." 

Maybe it's a bit egomaniacal, but there are a few things I have secretly wanted for quite a long time. Not really so much things, but certain actions...

Things like a boy writing me a love song and singing to me at a window. I don't know why this would be particularly important other than referencing a little Romeo and Juliet, hence romantic and necessary. (No, this hasn't happened yet...although, Neidy's sweet dedication to me the other day is still in my head. So sweet.)

And then there is something that I never knew I needed, but became more and more fascinated with every time Beka blogged...yes, the Beka who was one of my guest bloggers and truly one of my most favorite people I've never technically met, if that makes any sense.
(Selling a few pieces in a cafe)
Canvas after canvas, this girl paints sweet, beautiful, hopeful works of art. She takes an amazing quote and transforms it to something even better, somehow. I can't even remember how the conversation started to be honest, but it had something to do with e. e. cummings, a poet who I love. After a dozen or so emails, she was going to create a canvas for me- for me! She gave me a few ideas and suggestions, and I gave her my one of my favorite e. e. quotes. I told Sky excitedly, "Beka is painting me something!" (I tend to forget bloggers, although friends, do not live next door and everyone in my life does not know them. Even so, he seemed excited, too.)

And just tonight, on her blog post (with my name spotlighted, making me slightly feel like a rockstar), she made me a little mournful about a chick (you'll just have to read it), and then she posted something that made me completely light up on an otherwise not so light evening.

Intrigued? You should be.
Another preview
I'm not going to give it all away- you'll have to visit her blog and see it for yourself!

But you know what I can cross off my silly little list?

Someone awesome painting something gorgeous for me. I'm a little awestruck.

*All pictures on this post are Beka's own, with her permission.

4 kind comments from you:

Beka said...

♥ ♥ ♥
ahhh i'm about to cry:)
you're so darn poetic.
so glad it lightened your day, love!

annoyed army wife said...

Love this! How uplifting and special. :)

Mrs. H said...

Adorable! :D
And you deserve to be treated like a rockstar!!! :)

heart like mine said...

this is the sweetest thing. what a lovely, lovely gift. i'm so glad you can cross that one thing off your list. :)

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