April 6, 2011


"Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many; 
not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some." 

It's easy to talk about how my heart hurts. It pours out of me like a rushing river. Today, I am damming the flood. I am compelling myself to write this and using it as a sandbag:

Ten Good Things.
1. I'm alive. I'm healthy. I have use of all my senses.
2. I have more readers now than I could have ever imagined having. I am so humbled you think my words are valuable enough that you come back again and again to read them. Thanks guys. Really.
3. The sunshine yesterday was absolutely stunning. I was able to stand at a large window and watch it change from bright and glowing to dimmer and pale, until it flicked out into night.
4. I have a baby. She is healthy and happy and beautiful and sweet. A couple nights ago, I crept into her room just to watch her sleep. She stirred, open her eyes, and gave me the biggest, two-tooth grin she could possibly give. Then she closed her eyes again, and sighed herself to sleep.
5. Every day, I walk around in a warm apartment, pull food from my cabinets, and take soothing, steamy showers. Many people do not have these simple things.
6. Death Cab for Cutie came out with the first single off their new album today. The music video was a bit odd for my taste, but I heart that band and can't wait to hear to whole album.
7. Tiffany & Co. It's like what Audrey Hepburn says in Breakfast at Tiffany's: "Nothing very bad could happen to you there." I window shop online quite regularly. Currently, I'd do well to afford a Tiffany Blue mug. (P.S. Isn't it the prettiest color?) But my birthstone is sapphire, so if someone happened to get me this $61, 000 ring, I suppose I would accept it. And then trade it for a house.
8. Back to reality. I was very excited to win an Avon gift certificate from the giveaway on Julie the Army Wife. Thanks, Julie!
9. This past weekend was drill weekend. That usually means more time with my father. So he, Millie, and I trekked around town. We went to a breakfast place and I had awesome eggs Benedict (minus ham, because that's gross). We went to a home and garden show and met Frank from "American Pickers". We had delicious custard at my aunt and uncle's locally popular place. And I got to spend time laughing, talking, and debating with my dad.
10. I have a computer keyboard, a Nikon, and a blank space on the world wide web waiting for me every day.
I love filling it up.


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Oh Mandie said...

I did something very similar to this today :) I've been in a funk for a few days now too, but in an effort to get over myself I broke out my scrapbooks and looked at all of my happy memories. Worked like a charm. Hope your method is working too!

And I totally wouldn't complain if someone bought me that ring!

annoyed army wife said...

Oh my gosh, meeting Frank would have been my dad's idea of heaven. He loves that show! This is a really inspiring list. I was thinking about things I'm thankful for yesterday during a walk in the brief appearance of the sun.

charla beth said...

lovely, lovely post. these are 10 AMAZING things. your life is blessed and i'm glad you could share all these blessings with your readers. :)

vintch said...

it's so lovely how you've found the beauty in the ordinary. because things like what you described, those little moments, are pure magic, my sweet friend. bottle them up for days when the rains threaten to come. you're too sunshiney for that:)

Beka said...

i reallyreally like that mug by tiffany's. :)

yeah....i would so trade the ring in for a house. a house i could decorate over time....a house that would be *mine*....

i'm so thankful for my siblings today. :)

Kaylee said...

I had to tell you that L has that very same shirt. I LOVE it. So cute! Your daughter is so precious :)

Anonymous said...

Darn, I can't believe we missed the Home and Garden Show. We were working on the yard. Figures, lol.

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