May 31, 2011

Millie Goes Swimming

"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air." 

Memorial Day was fairly uneventful for far as big stuff. We went to my dad's on Sunday for some awesome grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, but that was the major highlight...except...

Millie went swimming for the first time! A cheap baby pool, a rubber ducky, and a few buckets of water made for one happy kid. She had wild hair afterwards, smelled of sunscreen, and took a long afternoon nap. Sky and I had a blast watching her grin and splash like a wild child.
First reaction to the water
She loves it!











Her lounge chair from Grandpa






A while later, we ran to the store. As we walked past an aisle, a woman nudged the guy she was with and said, "You just missed the cutest baby ever!"

I agree. I am only slightly biased.

Last but not least, I picked up a few things this past week. First:

Ashely The Mommyhood Adventure gave me a very sweet award. This is what she wrote:

Erika @ Chambanachik ~
Erika is a mili-spouse, and she is far from silent. I would like to recognize Erika’s efforts over the past month for the National Guard in her state. Her husband is a member of the National Guard and when the state of Illinois the Guardsmen that were deployed to help with the flooding that they would not be getting paid anytime soon. Erika was far from silent! She sent emails, wrote letters to everyone from the local newspaper to the governor and even did a interview with a television news station! Eventually her efforts paid off and their check “magically” appeared in the mail one day, but it wasn’t without the heartache it took to get to that point. I truly admire Erika as a military spouse and blogger, and I feel like she deserves this award.  

The rules are to list three ways you and your family silently support the troops, and then pass it on to one other blogger. The thing is, when you're a milspouse blogger, you meet amazing mili girls- and there is no way I could possibly pick one of them. If you're a military spouse, you make sacrifices. If you love someone in the military- whether family or friend- then you know what it's like to miss someone and to worry. So I would pass this on to dozens of you!

The other two cool things are giveaway wins- like a drop dead gorgeous camera purse from Diary of a Devil Dog Wife (where I will be guesting very soon, telling you Millie's big news!). I have been dying for a camera purse for-ev-er, so I cannot wait to tote this around Chambana. I also won custom cupcake toppers from 5 K's and Chardonnay. It'll be fun to get something great designed for Millie's first birthday. (Although, just typing that chokes me up- she may not be allowed to have birthdays.)

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!


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Mrs. Wookie said...

She's SUCH a cutie pie in her chair and looks JUST like her daddy! So adorable!

I look forward to each and every post of yours because you tell such a great story. None of us milbloggers are the same - we're so connected, yet so different.

You deserve all the praise in the world for your efforts. :)

Ashley D. said...

Cute post! I am jealous of Millie! I want to go swimming SO BAD, but it just hasn't quit raining long enough for me to get out my swim suit and the pools to warm up! :)

Mrs.B said...

She is adorable and looked like she loved it!

Nicole Marie said...

Aw so adorable! I love the picture of her in her lounge chair looking at the pool. AND the one with her glasses. I melted.

Glad you had a good weekend!

Kaylee said...

Oh man, oh man! She is way too cute! And that picture of her in the lounge chair next to the pool?! Adorable!

beka said...

hah, that's sooo great about the lady in the grocery store. lol.
hey, you've got plenty of people who agree with you! ;) cutest thing ever.
i remember when my littlest sis---lyddie-- went in the pool for the first time.
we called her ducky:)

Dani said...

I love the sunglasses- so adorable! Congrats on the award, you definitely deserve that one.

Anonymous said...


Alana said...

Gorgeous photos! And congratulations on the award! Everything she said is true. :)

____j said...

She is too stinkin' cute! I can't wait til this time next year when Adelei will be able to get in the water and wear a cute swim suit!

heart like mine said...

Oh. My. Goodness.
Those pictures of millie are absolutely DARLING. That first one of her in the lounge chair looking at the swimming pool is my favorite; what a doll.

Congratulations on that award, lady! I absolutely agree with Ashley. Your voice for your family and all the other Guard families who weren’t getting paid was powerful and I know it had an impact. I’m so proud of you. :)

And congratulations on winning those giveaways also. that camera tote is soo cute. you go, girl! things are looking up. :)

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