June 9, 2011

Emo Girl Linkup

Every time I post a song for the weekly linkup with Goodnight Moon, I get a lot of comments saying people hadn't heard it before. I think it's awesome to introduce people to new things that they can love.

Sure, I listen to all the same music played on the radio, and I love songs like this, this, and this. (That last song may or may not have been a joke.) I am horribly behind on a lot of pop culture, but I've mostly got it together with the music part.

But I also listen to a lot of other music. B side type of songs, artists that sound like other artists I like, and less mainstream stuff is usually more my taste. I think a lot of popular music has pointless lyrics, trashy videos, and sacrifices a lot of real music for a drum machine and a turntable. (Yes, I am aware I sound like I'm 80 right now. It's still true!)

So it definitely was not me that went to the extremely emo Dashboard Confessional concert several years ago at a local college, jumped up and down as the tattooed lead singer looked my way, and bought a t shirt to remember the glorious night forever and always (or until the t shirt shrunk). Absolutely not. That'd be...weird.

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Dashboard Confessional- Don't Wait lyrics

The sky glows
I see it shining when my eyes close
I hear your warnings but we both know
I'm gonna look at it again

Don't wait, Don't wait
The road is now a sudden sea
And suddenly, you're deep enough
To lay your armor down
To lay your armor down
To lay your armor down

You get one look
I'll show you something that the knife took.
A bit to early for my own good
Now let's not speak of it again

Don't wait, Don't wait
The road is now a sudden sea
And suddenly, you're deep enough
To lay your armor down
To lay your armor down
To lay your armor down

Don't wait, Don't wait
The lights will flash and fade away
The days will pass you by
Don't wait
To lay your armor down

If I was there, I might have taken a picture like this...


15 kind comments from you:

Anonymous said...

First: MIA is amazing and I blare that song everytime it comes on the radio. I'm pretty gangsta' for a white gal :D

It's a shame you didn't make it to that concert ;) because I would proudly own up to the little slice of Emo inside of me that says in High School- my whole senior class (all 98 of us) LOVED DC! I still do... but only in my car, with the windows rolled up, and obviously publically here on your blog.

Gaile said...

OK, How have I never heard this? I know I have heard *OF* Dashboard Confessional (I think my daughter used to listen to them? She's 21 now and doesn't speak to me any more, so I am not sure...)
But the 'emo' in me must be coming out, I am digging this. Thanks for posting!

Poekitten said...

Great song! I've heard of DC but haven't really listened to them before, which is sad cause I think I might like them!

Mrs. H said...

I miss being 10 and able to swoon to the backstreet boys...not that I ever did that...

Oh dashboard. They have a special space in my heart...even if they are totally emo :P

Oh and give the photographer of that picture my compliments because I KNOW you weren't there :D

Kelsey said...

Oh, I never understood how Dashboard was emo. I love it so much <3 This is a wonderful slow dance song I think.
Also the other three songs, thumbs way WAY up! lol.
Thanks for sharing :)

Amanda C. said...

I always get those same comments!!!
And I really enjoy Dashboard but Death Cab is one of my faves. :) (I don't know why I always put those two together in my head, but I do haha)
also, I totally remember when everyone grabbed a keyboard/piano and learned the opening part to Existentialism on Prom Night. haha!! Everyone knew how to play that song. Oh and when everyone with a guitar knew how to play Time Of Your Life (Green Day) :)
Thanks for sharing!

Chelle said...

Wow I was surprised they sung this. Amazing :)

Mrs.Grimm said...

I love this song! I love dashboard! I wouldn't call them emo per say (but maybe thats just me trying to call myself not emo haha)

Ashley D. said...

My sister is a huge Dashboard Confessionals fan. I have a few of their songs on my iPod..."Hands Down" and "The Best Deceptions". I have always like the lead singers voice, but I have never really gotten into their music as much as my sister. But, thanks for sharing this song! Once again, its a new one for me and I do like the lyrics.

Goodnight moon said...

Ummm....I totally wouldn't jumped up to get his attention too! Dang...he is HOT! I like the position of his hat on his guitar too! Sexy!

I love all the songs you pick each week, you really do a great job picking them out!!!! This week to be included!

beka said...

hah, you are SO cute.
and funny.
i've never listened to much of DC ....heard a few songs. but some friends love them.
nice pic, btw! ;)

Maranda said...

I'm like that too. I don't tend to listen to the radio so I don't hear a lot of the mainstream stuff (unless I'm riding with my sisters or watching Glee or So You Think You Can Dance. LOL!) I tend to listen to stuff that not many people have heard of. I've kept it kind of tame on my blog so far with this link up but I might pull out some crazy stuff from time to time.

I couldn't get your song to play from your blog but I went and found it. I like this song. I hadn't heard it before. ;-) I've heard of Dashboard Confessional but never really gave them a listen. Thanks for sharing!

Nicole Marie said...

HAHA! This made me laugh! It's ok, I will admit I went to my fair share of emo type concerts back in the day.

Consider The Lilies said...

haha i laughed out loud :D

i absolutely did NOT beg my parents for nsync tickets and after being rejected bring myself to a tearful beg, after which receiving 11th row seats. nope. not me!

Jen said...

omg!!! talk about a dreamy voice :) I love this song!!!! it's going on my download list lol

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