June 15, 2011

Fame Beyond Belief

For just one minute, I truly thought I was famous.

I was at a kids resale shop (really? Is that a promising way to begin the story?), looking for Millie's birthday gifts. It's a place I've taken lots of my things, like maternity clothes and newborn stuff, and they are always awesome.

After finding a few insanely cheap toys, I walked up to the counter and handed over my debit card. The lady took it, looked up at me wide-eyed, and asked, "Are you Erika?" She looked as if she couldn't believe it.

Why, yes, yes I am, I thought to myself. There are a few people from Chambana who read this blog, and it was bound to catch up with me at some point. I wondered if she read it for the posts, or maybe just to check out the latest Millie pictures. I smiled to myself smugly, thinking about how great it would be when I blogged about it later- she'd read about herself in my post.

"No way!," she exclaimed. I braced myself for lavish praise, trying to look as if I didn't care. This is how it starts, I thought. It's only the beginning.

"I bought all of your maternity tops! All of them! I even told the girls, when Erika _____ comes back in, ask her if she has anything else, because she had the cutest stuff!" She spoke quickly, taking in a breath, and grinned at Millie as if the kid were fortunate to have been draped in such lovely fabric, even in utero.

She does not read my blog. She bought my old clothes.

A girl can dream...

In other, much more important news- thank you all for your comments on my post about college or lack-thereof. I was having a rough day. It's always a sore spot with me, but that sore spot seems to get bumped and bruised when I'm around people who have 'made it'.

It probably doesn't help that I live in this college town. Every year, around the same time, students pour into Target and Walmart with printed shopping lists, getting everything ready for their dorm. And every year at the beginning of May, students parade around town in rented caps and gowns, climbing the Alma Mater and taking countless photos with friends they'll never see again. It's rough to see so many people move in, and move out four, six, or eight years later with shiny new degrees, while I only get another year older. It's a nearly constant reminder of life I haven't yet lived.

I know what I'm doing now-mothering- is a priceless, amazing thing. However, if that's the only job I ever have somehow, I still want a degree for me. It'd be good for my heart, honestly. So contentment now, but hoping beyond hope that the scholarship is snagged.


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Kaylee said...

That is kind of funny how she bought all of your clothes though.

I have those "college-lack there of moments." Especially now that I am pregnant, I know that it's going to be even harder for me to go back than it was before we got pregnant. I made it through my freshman year at a university and sophomore year at a community college until married life and being introduced into the civilian world again caught up with my husband and he needed me more that I needed school at the moment. There is always time and you will make it happen for yourself one day :)

Erin said...

I know the feeling... on all counts. But you are famous in our community. :) The Milspouse bloggers know you and LOVE you. :)

I am still waiting for my chance to finish my degree and follow my dreams. The hubs keeps saying someday. It's hard because all my friends are talking about (or are) going for their Masters, and I haven't even finished my four year.

Someday is coming for both of us.

Chin up. :)

Nicole Marie said...

Oh my goodness! That made me laugh out loud. Erin is right, you are famous in our community. Hello, Milblog of the year FINALIST!

I missed your post about college somehow. Don't get down on yourself about that. I have a degree and have done NOTHING with it. It makes me sick. I feel useless :(

Someday you will be able to get that degree!

____j said...

The first part of this post was funny! I could just picture this happening in my head! As for college, is there any way that you could go to school on the GI Bill? If Sky isn't using it, you should be able to? And, I'm not sure how financial aid works in every state, but I was able to receive a Pell Grant every year that I was in college which payed for pretty much everything except books. Have you looked into that?

Kerry said...

Lol funny!! Made me smile reading about your brush (or lack there-of) with fame...Cute post!

beka said...

hah, this is so great.
i love how you wrote this:)

K L @ The New "Normal" said...

Funny, I would totally think the same thing!

And the college thing - it'll happen, keep dreaming big and being a good momma! :)

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

That's so funny! Hey, at least you're famous for something. :)

annoyed army wife said...

I love this story! I would have thought the same thing at first. Thanks so much for joining the Roundup!

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