June 19, 2011

For You Two

On Father's Day:

 We've known each other for nearly 27 years. 
That's enough time for me to know, without a doubt, I have the best dad on earth.

And after Millie was born, I realized just how much I must have put you through. 
So thank you. For everything.

And to another father, the one I can't hug today- 
Millie and I both miss you. 
She wishes you a happy father's day. 
I'm glad to share the most precious thing in my life with you.


6 kind comments from you:

Kerry said...

What a gorgeous pic of Millie asleep on her daddy!!

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

What a wonderful tribute to both the dad's in your life.

beka said...

totally made me sigh.
what a beautiful father's day post:)

Sarah said...

So sweet! You are blessed to have 2 wonderful men in your life.

Laura Darling said...

Love those pictures. So sweet.

Mrs. H said...

Beautiful :)

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