August 25, 2011

Blog Design and Giveaways

I wanted to share a couple quick things with you today.

First, thank you for all the compliments on my new design! If you're wanting a remodel but don't feel like DIY-ing it like me, I found two contests for blog makeovers. (I never realized how much people charge for blog design, but it isn't cheap!)
*Utterly Chaotic
*Ordinary Inspirations

Of course, depending on the complexity, I'd love to help you with your look. I just finished sprucing up The Robertson Clan blog for Holly, and had a blast doing it.

And finally, you've got about 48 hours left to enter the Bravo Tango tee giveaway. If you've already entered, remember that you may tweet once a day for bonus entries. The winner will be announced on Saturday night! I have a few more giveaways ready to go, so look for them soon.

4 kind comments from you:

Holly said...

You needed a before and after shot. lol. Make sure you pick out your art trade from my shop! or from my facebook. I haven't added all my prints yet, it takes a loooong time on this computer. :)

beka said...

dude, i just noticed your side-bar buttons and everything... sigh.
totally in love.
when i get an itch for my blog's look, maybe i'll have to consult you.... ;)

Carmen said...

I had utterly chaotic designs do my blog and I absolutely loved working with her :)

Dolli-Mama said...

The new design is awesome! Great job!

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