August 24, 2011

Pretty Things

I recently made some buttons for another blogger, and it gave me that craving to change things up.
I always do this to myself!

 So I've redesigned my header and made little changes to the rest of the blog. I also made some new buttons, so if you'd rather have a brand spanking new one, here you go. I'll be putting the links on my buttons tab for future reference (the old button is tucked away there as well).


Chambana at night:

Millie and Erika:

Church Steps


12 kind comments from you:

Anonymous said...

I love the maps- how creative, chicky poo!

Mrs.B said...

You're so creative, love the new look!

Nicole Marie said...

Look at you! I think I am going to completely revamp my page. Since I'm not really discussing Military related stuff as much, it really shouldn't be called "Being a Marine Wife". But having to start over scares me. :/

I love your new looks. They always look great :)

Kaylee said...

I'm loving the new header. I am always itching to make changes to my blog too - it's just so fun! And your buttons?! Super cute.

Jessa said...

I just did a new header, but shockingly I haven't done anything else in a few months now. I really like your new header! Very understated.

Anonymous said...

Love the header, very classy.

Goodnight moon said...

I so wish I knew how to do that...but I don't:(

charla beth said...

ohhh i just adore your new header <3.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Seriously, you are the best person ever!! I adore my buttons.

Melissa said...

Love it! I too wish I knew how to do all these things you did! I may just have to break down and pay someone to fix my blog for me, I don't even have a button anymore :(

Steph said...

Cool! I snagged one of your new buttons.

Dolli-Mama said...

I love them!:)

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