August 10, 2011


"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."  — Albert Camus

I have all the windows in the house open. It's sunny, and birds are chirping outside. Even though it's closer to autumn, it almost reminds me of spring. Either way, summer is my least favorite season. I'm ready for something new and different. My favorite time of year is putting away bright tank tops and faded cutoff shorts, and pulling out scarves and long sleeved shirts in richer, deeper colors. I love the crisp air, the coziness, and feeling like my house is a refuge from chilly nights.

Millie is lying in her crib. I know she's awake from the sneezes and sing song voice I hear occasionally. Maybe she thinks she is too old for naps now that she's one. I keep reading things from other moms that brag of all the words their younger babies can say, and I am longing for Millie to speak her first word to me. If she doesn't walk for several more months, it's fine by me- but I cannot wait to hear mama for the first time.

I finally worked up the courage to call about the scholarship. I hadn't heard anything and it was past the time frame they gave. It turns out, they are behind schedule, and say they plan to notify everyone in the next week or two. I'm trying to wait for the news nonchalantly, as if I'm not desperate to win.

So much is on the brink of change and new directions. I'm relieved that summer is almost over, that the memories of this time of year can begin to fade as I look to the things ahead. And even if it's a long wait before the nights get longer, before I hear the school news (good or bad), and before Millie breathes out my name, I am finding comfort that my heart can start resting. I'm ready for cool calm of a new season to permeate me for a while.

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Ashley D. said...

Beautiful. I do hope you get the scholarship, and don't worry about the talking. Emma took forever to talk and now I have days when I wish for silence :) Enjoy the gorgeous weather, friend!

annoyed army wife said...

Argh, behind schedule. I'm glad you're more patient than I am. I've got my fingers crossed for you!!!

Dolli-Mama said...

I miss the fall a little bit. It won't be cool here for 3 more months. I miss Chambana in the fall, and your posts always make me a little homesick.

charla beth said...

gosh, this is just lovely. i'm with you about autumn! i do adore things about summer, but fall is just so much richer.

i love what you wrote about the sneezes and sing-song voice--everything about that just breathes of love and "home." i can't wait to read the blog post of yours when millie finally begins to talk. :)

i'll keep my fingers crossed for you about school!

and above all, i am glad you are finding a place of peace and rest and i hope that that season is here to stay, at least for a little while. <3

beka said...

i love that last part.

and hah, before you know it, she'll start and never stop babbling. it'll be the cutest thing ever:)

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