September 6, 2011

Simple Things

"The simple things are also the most extraordinary things..."  — Paulo Coelho

Sometimes, it's the simplest things that make us the happiest.

For Millie, it was her very first balloon. Picked up at the farmer's market from the Urbana library booth, she toted this around the rest of the morning. Passersby would smile at me as they watched her bounce up and down, her balloon bouncing with her.



And when her eyelids got heavy on the ride home, she closed them softly, but still kept a hold of her precious treasure.



For me, happiness came from finally getting a photo that came somewhat close to showing how beautiful her eyes are now-how they've changed from a deep newborn blue into a lighter, more dimensional blue.

She was eating some cold grapes from the fridge, and I was snapping away...



And suddenly, the perfect angle and perfect light was there. There was a tiny bit of juice from her grapes still glimmering on her chin, and she looked straight into the camera. I've never seen a more beautiful girl.




What made you happy today?

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The New "Normal" said...

Today was hearing my one of my son's teachers say what a kind, well-behaved young man he is. On a day when I felt like a terrible parent, I needed to hear that! Some days are more of a struggle to find that happiness, especially when things feel like they are falling apart, but then a simple comment from someone can put it all into perspective.
Love the pictures of Millie, she is such a beautiful girl!

Jennifer said...

I love the pictures you snapped today!

Today we spent the day as a family, my husband has off all week. Even something simple as running errands was enjoyable.

charla beth said...

those pictures turned out beautiful, erika! that third one from the bottom is seriously artwork. :)

Alana said...

These are just precious! I love how much fun she had with it, and how she fell asleep with one shoe, but still hanging on to her balloon.

I really need a baby.

Melissa said...

it's amazing, the simplest little things that baby's find joy in, sometimes I try to look at my girls and be as happy and simple as they are :)

These pictures made me happy today! :)

Skinnie Piggie said...

Sitting on a piece of driftwood on the beach watching the waves while humming a praise song.

beka said...

hmmm. what made me happy today.
the smiles of little 8month old wesley when i was cuddling and kissing him this morning; the hug i got from super-shy little 2year old shawn before our friends and their 4 kiddos left. :(

that sleeping picture totally had me melting!! ack!

____j said...

You're such an awesome photographer! I always look forward to your posts.

What made me happy today--Waking up next to my baby girl 'talking'.

Thisisme. said...

Stunning photos of Millie today, especially the ones showing her beautiful eyes. I love photography also and I take loads of my little grandchildren, just trying to get that special one!!

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