December 12, 2011

Millie Visits Santa Claus


We don't go to the big library in Chambana. Instead, we head down the road to the small town library I visited when I was Millie's age. Last week, Santa Claus paid them a visit. So we kept Millie up a little past her bedtime, dressed her up in a sweater dress and Mary Janes, and drove over railroad tracks through the tiny ghost town.


It was a long wait to see him, and the place was buzzing with more energy than I'd ever seen. The town's police chief stood in line ahead of us, and Sky chatted with him for a few minutes. The line snaked around several bookshelves, but we reached the big Christmas tree at last. Santa Claus was sitting in a wooden rocking chair. We adjusted Millie's headband, and she visited for a minute or two.




She wasn't crying, but she wasn't smiling, either. She seemed to be trying to figure out the whole situation. She glanced at the Christmas tree. She looked at Sky, as if unsure about everything.


And then she reached up and touched Santa's beard, checking to see if it was real, I suppose. The entire library echoed with "Aww!". A reporter for the county newspaper rushed up to us afterwards, asking if it was okay to put Millie in the paper.


She was so sleepy by the time we drove home, and fell asleep right away.


But I bet there were visions of sugarplums dancing in her dreams that night.

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annoyed army wife said...

Could those photos get any cuter? Of course she's going to be in the paper with that photo! Who wouldn't say 'Awww!' I always feel bad for kids (and parents of the kids) who cry.

Anonymous said...

This is too stinkin' cute. She is darling!


Chantal said...

That's so sweet!

Dani said...

These photos are beyond adorable!

MrsMcDancer said...

She is absolutely precious. Things like that are moments I love about the Christmas season :-)

Katie said...

awww. Love that photo of her touching Santa's face. So adorable!

charla beth said...

so stinkin cute.
i love that picture of her checkin out santa's beard...just too darling. :)

Brianna said...

Oh my goodness, that is the cutest little outfit! And that coat on with it, she is just sooo precious! :)

Kaylee said...

So, so sweet!

beka said...

hahah, little ones are always so curious about my dad's beard. he doesn't let it get too long, but gosh they like poking and smiling at the prickliness. lol :)

lindsathy loves said... to following and these pictures are priceless! of course they 'awwwed' ohmygoodness i keep going back to check out that cuteness :)

Melissa said...

So precious! and woohoo for not having her cry in the pictures, and I love that she will be in the newspaper, something to cut out and cherish! I think kids are all curious about beards! :)

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