January 31, 2012

Dreams Change- Addison's Story

I can't even imagine the feeling of being published. It has to be one of the greatest highs. But to be published when you have a really important story to tell? Amazing.

My blog friend Deanna, of Everything and Nothing from Essex, just wrote a book. It's really one of two- she's working on a much longer, hold-it-in-your-hand-and-turn-pages book. But this smaller book was complied in honor of her daughter Addison turning two.

You see, Addison has Down syndrome. She had so many challenges in the first days and months of her life, it wasn't really known if she would be celebrating this birthday. She's well and thriving these days, and she's now a big sister. Life has changed so much for Deanna and Addison since the beginning of their story.

And that's why I loved reading the e-book, Dreams Changed- it's an amazing story. Instead of glossing over heartache and sugar coating her real feelings about it all, Deanna essentially shared a diary of her experiences with us all. She wonders if she'll love Addison. She is broken after hearing the diagnosis. She struggles, she cries, and she begins a long journey. Throughout the pages, you feel Deanna's heart melt for that beautiful little girl, and you experience the ups and downs with her.

Deanna graciously let me read a copy of the book (it's downloadable on computers too-you don't have to have an e-reader), and I'm so glad she did. The best writer is one who can make the reader feel, and she did just that. I lost count of how many times I teared up, as well as how many times I was smiling. Maybe it isn't possible to feel exactly how a parent sees there child- but I found myself feeling as if I were sitting in the NICU beside them, listening to the beeps of the monitors and watching their faces. I celebrated their triumphs and worried when things were unstable.

I don't really write book reviews, but it was such an honor to have that glimpse into their story. I really recommend you give this a read (it's only $1.99, by the way!). Step into someone else's shoes, be refreshed by her honesty, and be encouraged by their journey.

4 kind comments from you:

Deanna said...

You are incredible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Fran said...

I'll have to put this on my reading list for spring break - I wish I had time before then but school's taken over my life haha :)

beka said...

my sister, anna was the doula at the birth [3rd child] of a downs baby girl...
wow, that was tough to see her absorb that and hear about it. i'd never been that close to something like that, kind of/kind of not unexpected...
it takes a lot of grace to adjust. to live. and everything.

that sounds like a great book. ♥

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I've read it and its incredible! I have a Downs Syndrome Aunt who died at the age of 49. She was born at a time when doctors advised putting souls like her into a home and "forgetting you ever had her". Its love that helps these incredible beings survive and thrive and you bet they'll be blessed immeasurably for it when they meet their Maker.

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