March 31, 2012

These Moments





If you want the truth of it, the sadness hasn't left yet. And maybe it simply won't for a while.

But these moments help.

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Mrs. H said...

There's something so sweet and serene about these pictures! I love them :)

You always need a little rain to clear out everything...the rain is what brings out the flowers and brightens up a scenery.

I'm praying for you ♥
And sometimes, a good cry in the shower can really help!

Fran said...

Love these pictures, especially the first two <3

Thinking of you friend!

Ashley said...

Last week, my husband took my daughter down to the pond. I sat on our bed and watched them out the bedroom window. It was such a sweet picture: the two of them sitting by the calm water, throwing rocks into the serenity. I agree that moments like that make even the most difficult days just that much easier...better. Hang in there. You will make it through this.

Chantal said...

Those are so sweet.

Sue said...

They are precious together. I'm glad you have your little family to help you through this time.

Michelle said...

There's nothing sweeter than a daddy and his daughter :)

beka said...

they're darling.

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