April 12, 2012

Afternoons and Dandelions

Sky isn't always around. Between his normal work schedule (which can be anything but normal), his drill weekends (3 days out of state this month- just a taste of the summertime months of training to come), and other things, Millie and I have a lot of time to ourselves. 

She has decided the best use of this time is to spend it on a walk. After dinner walks are our favorites.



The weather here had been unseasonably warm the past several weeks, but these last few days have been chilly, bundle-up-in-jackets weather. Millie didn't seem to notice. So we buttoned up the sweater my mom crocheted for her, and breezed through the door into expanses of green grass and dandelions.




I tried teaching her how to blow on the white whips to scatter them, but she hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet. So I do it for her. And she smiles, watching as they float away.


I think I find some sort of comfort in being out in nature with her. It's one of the few times I can still see her as the small thing she is, instead of the nearly two year old girl with so many words, ideas, and dreams. The baby she was is fading fast, but out there, she's dwarfed by tall trees and wide fields.



Sometimes we bring home souvenirs, like decorations for our hair. Sometimes we go home empty-handed, but she's coaxed inside by the promise of a bubble bath- consolation for having to sigh as she shuts the door.


And I find consolation in these moments of just-us-two. Sooner than I think, the sidewalks won't look as large to her, and the walks won't be quite as much of an adventure. It's all the more reason to button our coats and go out as much as we can. 

There are lot of dandelions left to pluck.

13 kind comments from you:

Michelle said...

She looks just like you...so beautiful!

And truly, there is nothing better than an evening walk :) Her sweater is so cute! My mom knits sweaters that look just like that.

Kaylee said...

So precious! Being outside is good for me and the kids too. My theory is that it wears them out, and it's just good for me to be out, breathing in the fresh air and soaking in the sun. Oh - and what a cute sweater!

Julie Danielle said...

She is so cute! Walks are nice ways to pass the time :)

Brianna said...

She is too dang adorable! Love the bottom photo of you two. Sounds like such a beautiful well spent day, :)

beka said...

oh goodness, she's getting big. :\
i love after-dinner walks.

Taylor said...

Ah, sounds like a wonderful day out!

Chantal said...

You two look wonderful! I'm glad you're getting out of the house!

The New Normal said...

Those adventurous walks are the best :) Every one of those photos is gorgeous. She's just so cute! Love the last picture of the two of you!

Jennifer Dignazio said...

Love that photo of you two! Going back inside is always a bit tough huh? That's usually when we have a meltdown. Lol

Amanda said...

Isn't this midwest weather crazy??! I'm loving it.. feels like Fall here and that is absolutely my FAVORITE season.

She looks more and more like you every picture you put up. It is so special!

Steph said...

Awww how sweet! I can't wait for moments like those.

ginanorma said...

I can see why you find consolation here, I mean how endearing and sweet and precious...that first photo erika, steals my heart.

Fran said...

She's so darn cute and such a little adventurer haha

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