May 15, 2012

The Almost Horrible Weekend

The weekend started out promising. The sun was out in full glory, and the air coming though our screens was smooth and cool. It was a perfect Midwestern Friday, until Sky texted me from drill- by only a few seconds, he didn't pass his PT test for the Reserves. My heart sank to the ground.

The next 48 hours were quiet, filled with an unspeakable tension about what that would mean for us. And we still don't know, though we do know he'll be leaving soon for his 2 weeks of summer training nonetheless. I sat that day staring out the back door with my mind blank, but my head full or worries. I wrote a long blog post about it, but soon calmed enough to realize it's nothing that hasn't been said before, and it's out of my hands. Still, the mood was low.

And then, Mother's Day arrived. I don't know what it is about my sentimental heart, but holidays mean so much to me. I want the handwritten cards, the flowers (although I want the clearance bouquet instead of the $50 arrangement), the recognition of it all. Mother's Day is meant to feel special. But special seemed far away with Sky at drill most of the day, Millie having a nap strike, and everything else that had happened. I sat on my bed for a little bit, and decided I would make it special anyway.

So I asked Sky if he would run out and get me a Mother's Day Oreo Blizzard. And when Dairy Queen was closed, I asked for fried pickles instead. He came home and wished me a happy Mother's Day. I was about to open them when suddenly missed Millie and wanted to celebrate with her. While it certainly will never earn me mother of the year, we woke her back up, and she snuggled on the couch with me, eating fried pickles. It was the highlight of my weekend, and the day finally felt complete. Sky told her to say "Happy Mother's Day" to me as he led her back to bed. She gave me a kiss and said, "Mother's Day" in a small, Millie voice.

And just like that, the almost horrible weekend instantly returned to that sunshiney, beautiful one-even in the middle of the night.

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Karen said...

It's funny how the tiniest occurrence can have such a huge impact on our mood. Glad you're doing better!

beka said...

oh my goodness.
the fried pickles, savored on the couch with the little one and husband...and her sweet little "mother's day".....has me tearing up.

happy late mother's day, erika! so glad to read about the sweet moments you were blessed with. ♥

Amber said...

I live for those small moments, the best things about them is when you're having a particularly bad day you can always go back to that moment in you head.

Chantal said...

Oh I'm sorry about the PT test :( At least the weekend ended with some happy moments.

Michelle said...

So sweet! I've never had fried pickles, but now I'm so curious! I'm still praying for you all :)Everything will work out one way or another. This I know :)

greaterexp said...

Those little things are priceless, aren't they? I love your shop, by the way. Oh, to be 25 (or 45) again!
We're praying for you all, too.

A Girl said...

I almost forgot the say Happy Mother's Day! Oh no! :)

Jen said...

I'm sorry about the PT test but so glad you had a sweet end to the weekend :)

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