June 2, 2012

Show Your Sisterhood Pride

Remember when I told you about the dark and stormy night that had a hand in forming The Sisterhood of the Camo Pants? And then how I told you how Bravo Tango Tees took our little Twitter hashtag and turned it into an awesome website? (If not, go check out my post there!) The concept is simple- no matter what branch, rank, state, etc., military spouses all share a special bond unlike anything else.

Bravo Tango has now launched a special shirt to celebrate this! It's currently available for pre-order, and I'll tell you a secret that wasn't mentioned on their website: if you use the code "SISTERHOOD" at checkout, everything in your cart will be 10% off! I love the graphic they designed- I'm definitely wanting a shirt of my own!

Full disclosure: as a Bravo Tango affiliate, I earn a percentage of sales that come from my blog/email/etc.- 
so when you go shopping, tell them I sent you!

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Chantal said...

Awesome! I think I might want a shirt!

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