August 22, 2013

Love/Do Not Love

"I love reading another reader’s list of favorites." 
— T.S. Eliot

Is it possible to write a blog and neglect to talk about yourself? Maybe in a way. So many things have been changing in my life, and I've been writing them as they happen. But today, I'm going to sit down and write a blog post to all of you who don't know me as well- and really, to all of you who do, too. These are little bits of what I'm made of, inconsequential sometimes, but the stuff that doesn't change.

You already know about my biggest loves, of course. Today, the smaller ones.

I love:

- Starbucks. Oh, how I love Starbucks. If I suddenly became wealthy, I would definitely be a 3x a day Frappuccino addict. I want to be the cool girl that only goes to the little indie cafes in town- and I do love those, too- but Starbucks has won my loyalty, darn them.
- Accents. I could listen to them all day. British is at the top of my list, but just about any accent is mesmerizing.
- Random acts of kindness. I've had a few of these happen to me (especially since joining the blog world- bloggers are the sweetest) and there is nothing I love more than a sweet surprise. I think it's beautiful knowing you were on someone's mind enough on any given day to warrant something like that. My goal in the coming year is to do more of those kinds of things myself.
- Old neighborhoods. They have big trees and secrets.
- Sky. He is definitely on the biggest loves list, of course, but I haven't talked about him as much over the past few weeks, what with Walter arriving. I really love that guy. I'm really proud of him. And I think he's hot.
- Fall. I don't care if that makes me one of those girls who pins everything pumpkin and eats nothing but caramel apples during the months of September, October, and November. I adore it. The best season, hands down.
- My new hair. The picture above wasn't totally random- I actually chopped my hair off last week, and after a bit of back and forth, I've decided I really like it.
- Blog friends. People are so good sometimes. I have met, whether virtually or in real life eventually, the most amazing people through being a part of this community. Wonderful writers. Awesome families. The best friends. We have good Facebook groups. Hilarious Twitter conversations. Sweet email exchanges. It blesses me so much.
- Second hand clothes. I have the hardest time buying anything new now (other than jeans, because I'm a giant), because I am thinking about the dozens of things I could buy for the price of just one new item. Banana Republic has never been in my budget, but I just bought a few cardigans at the Salvation Army for $3 each. And they are pre-shrunk!
- Online shows. We don't have cable, and I don't have time to watch shows when they're on or deal with 50 commercials. I can catch up on things from six months ago, watch them in bed, and make frequent use of the pause button.
- My kids' names. Stating the obvious, right? But a stranger wandered up to me at the mall the other day, asked me Walter's name, then said, "Oh...really?" when she couldn't think of anything else. Yes, really. After hearing a kid at the mall respond to the name Lotus, I'm really not too interested in malldweller opinions. Because lady, Walter may not be to your liking, but it's a zillion years old, which means A- I didn't make it up, and B- he has a rich history of Walters to page through. Other Walters I can think of are strong and classy. For instance, Walter Cronkite is a household name. I bet Lotus Cronkite wouldn't make it very far. And that's the way it is.
- Marching bands. Going to football games do not excite me- I could take them or leave them. But halftime, when I hear the drum begin to rumble and the trumpets blare, is my favorite.
- Back to school time. It doesn't matter that I was homeschooled and that Millie will most likely be. I would buy dozens of notebooks because they were only 10 cents, get some beloved new fall clothes like a plaid shirt or corduroy pants (hey, it was the 90s), and open up my textbooks with excitement (except math).
Seattle. Still love it. Still want to go back.

And now, a few things I don't love:

- The term "hand pies". It sounds so gross.
- Pasta salad. I've never liked it. Cold noodles? No thanks.
- Migraines. Again, obvious. They weren't quite as bad during pregnancy this time but they're coming back.
- Summer clothes. They make me angry. I don't want to wear shorts. Tank tops look horrible on me, although I wear them anyway. I want scarves and boots and heavy coats. I want sweaters with sleeves that are too long. And I want all the colors that go with fall clothes and not the florescent everything in stores right now.
- Those bad dreams that seem so real. I had one last night, and it was the first time I literally woke up sobbing.
- When people pin gross things. I will never understand this. When I am looking for a cute outfit or a perfect recipe, I don't want to see spiders, ticks, food that looks like open wounds, someone's feet, etc.
- Baby boy's clothes with skulls. Old Navy has them right now. Sky and I had discussed what our son's wardrobe would be like before we even had Walter (is that weird?). He will be sweet, preppy, and polished- classic stuff like polos and button downs (and some vintage stuff thrown in because I love it). Skulls on a little baby? Heck no.
- 90 degree weather in August. It was in the 70s for most of July and August. Now it feels like the temperature it's supposed to be, and I'm sad about it.
- White chocolate. Ew. I barely like real chocolate. That is not real. (Side note: I am currently swept up in a romance with Ghirardelli dark chocolate raspberry filled squares. I have lost count of how many bags I've gone through.)

If you make your own list, I want to see it!

14 kind comments from you:

Cat said...

My husband is also a pasta salad hater! And loving your kids' names is great. It would be bad to hate it, I would think.

Sarah Shaffer said...

WHAT are "hand pies"? Ew?

Allison said...

I love everything about fall as well. It really is the best season. And if we had a boy, he would be a preppy dresser, too.

Sarah said...

Ugh, I HATE pasta salad!!!! I've tried it so many times, and all of them are disgusting. I feel the same about potato salad. Salads have lettuce. Or fruit. Or both. Not cold potatoes, pasta, and mayo. BARF.

I'm so ready for fall I can hardly stand it. I haven't experienced it in 3 years, and I am TOTALLY over the Georgia heat and humidity. (Which will probably last until October. *sigh*)

Semper Wifey said...

Haha...I love your "love" list, but am laughing at your "don't love" list! :)

Semper Wifey

Kaylee said...

Love this love/don't love list! So fun to read!!!

Anonymous said...

Fall! My love.

On accents: the guy at the bakery counter at our local Sainsbury's asked me if my son has lost his accent since moving to England. I had to laugh because of course I don't think of an American accent being an accent to lose. Americans ask if he has gained a British accent. British accents are better.

And Walter. Perfect. My Albert isn't a wildly popular name, either, but hey. He's my Bertie, and there won't be another.

Mrs.B said...

Emma is the same way about pasta salad. She always asks "but why is it cold?".. haha

Walter is a great name. One of the wives here is pregnant and they are thinking about using it as a middle name and I told her how I had a friend with the sweetest baby boy named Walter.

I am ready for fall.

My sister is having a boy any day now and when shopping for clothes she said I could NOT buy him anything with animals or skulls or sayings on them. It was hard finding cute normal clothes for him.

And I love your hair!

Fran said...

I am so ready for fall - I can't stand this constant 90-100 degree weather non-sense but I have a feel in fall in Texas just isn't the same :/ Also. Seattle. And Starbucks. Starbucks in Seattle? The best.

And what in the world is "hand pies"?

Chantal said...

My friend said when she worked at Starbucks you got a free drink when you got there, a free drink at your lunch/break, and another before you left. Three drinks a day! Soooo... maybe you should consider being a barista? ;)

Michelle said...

I agree with you on just about everything! And LOTUS?! Oh my gosh. No thank you. I think Walter is an awesome name. It sounds distinguished and strong. And my dream is to live in an old neighborhood someday.

Pasta salad is disgusting! AND summer clothes. And skulls on baby clothes? WHY? Not cool

I love this. I'm going to steal this :)

erin said...

Loved reading more about you, my sweet friend! You inspired me, and it took me several hours tonight to think about this. I wrote a love/nolove post here: and another similarly influential one that I'll post another night. I love how alike we are, and wish I could meet you dear! Perhaps one day?! Love and hugs <3

Brittney Liann said...

I agree with you on the summer fashions. Every time I step into the mall I just think to myself, "why is everything so hideous?" Plus I hate wearing shorts. They are just so uncomfortable to me.

I also feel your pain about the name situation. When we are out and about people often tell me how cute Jeremiah is and usually ask his name. Sometimes they get this look on their face and I can tell they think it's odd but obviously don't want to offend me. They will mutter something generic like, "oh that's nice." But the way I see it, we as parents chose the perfect names for our babies. I couldn't picture them named anything else! Plus I love that both my son's first and middle names are biblical and are thousands of years old. My son was named after a prophet and to me that's pretty awesome. ;) I also really like the name Walter and I think it flows very nicely with Millie. When you have more than one child you definitely have to pick names that sound cute together. And Walter & Millie, well those sound pretty darn cute. :)

ash schlax said...

this is amazing on so many levels. and I knew it would be as soon as you quoted t.s.eliot. except for the chocolate, but that's ok. haha.

now I know even more that we were meant to be friends. ♥

p.s. I might totally do this.

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