August 26, 2013

On Soaking It In {Guest Post}

There are a few blogs from good bloggers- and only a very few, really- that I read and feel as though I'm in on a secret. It's like I'm reading the memoirs of a writer who will be famous someday, 
and I was lucky enough to find them before they hit the New York Times bestseller list. 
Ash from love{dot}lulu is definitely one of those bloggers.
When she was gracious enough to write a guest post for you all, I was thrilled. 
She's found her own style in a sea of bloggers who copy everyone else.
I shared this beautiful post with you on my Facebook page a few days back, but be sure to browse the rest of her posts (and follow her!). You'll love the way she expresses herself as much as I do, promise.


the children are growing exponentially around here.

in the midst of the busyness and lack of sleep of this current life of mine, i swing between wanting to force the clock forward to just make it through the day, and wishing i could go back and live the day all over again to get some of it back. to savor more of the hugs, kisses, and sweet smiles that they'll one day be too old for.

people tell you that it will go so fast you won't know what hit you. that before you know it, they are grown and you are left wishing they were small and their kisses were still for you. i believe it will go fast--i am watching these babies grow every day--but twenty years from now, i don't want to have a posture of regret. so while i still have them, i want to soak it in.

sometimes i have to remind myself that we are raising up a real-life, one-day, man and woman, that will be launched from our home to grow lives of their own. that they are my gifts, entrusted to me by a loving Father, and not my possessions. it is truth indeed that the days until they leave our arms are limited.

but that's partly why they're so sweet. 

i want to live with this in sight, and for my goal be to invest my best in them. intentionally, every day, to help them grow into all that they are called to be, and enable them to impact the world in large ways for the glory of God. and i want to pause momentarily, throughout these days, to impress as many sweet moments into my heart and memory as i possibly can.

because yes--i know that one day i will miss them. but if my focus is to invest, and breathe in these years, then even though the yearning for years past will come, it will come with less regret, and with more of a humble, thankful heart for the chance i've had to help shape these glorious little souls. because it is an overwhelming kindness that i am living out these days with them.

now excuse me while I go kiss some cheeks--while they still have kisses for me.


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Chantal said...

Such a sweet post!

Brittney Liann said...

Beautifully written. :) I can't agree more, these days are precious and go by all too fast.

greaterexp said...

What a lovely post! No matter how much we savor those moments, we wish we could keep them fresh forever.

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