January 3, 2014

Love/Do Not Love {No. 5}

New year, new month, new list!

I love:
- The concept of "do one thing, and do it well". I told you I've been enamoured with this blog lately, and it's mentioned in that post (and many others). There are so many days when the to-do list in my mind seems to grow longer as the clock ticks on, and I feel like I haven't accomplished all I had hoped. This has kept me afloat many, many times. It also keeps my priorities straight. When the choices are cleaning out a drawer, folding a basket of laundry, or having a little conversation with Walter to soothe him, it's easy to choose the most important thing.
This app. I'm not the girl who gets excited about many apps. (Snapchat is stupid. It just is.) I don't download a lot of them. But I read a post on Donald Miller's blog (one of my favorite authors), and thought the idea was so beautiful. I watched the app creator's TED Talk, and I like the way he thinks. I cannot wait to see my years this way.
- Dark chocolate. Especially dark chocolate with stuff in it. Any stuff. Fruit. Nuts. I'm on board. My brother gave me a bar of this for Christmas, and it took a lot of self control for me to save some of it for later.
- Planners! And fancy pens, and highlighters, and washi tape, and file bands, and anything else I could think to add to one.
- Downton Abbey. I was suspicious of it. I was confused by it. I didn't even like it until I'd watched at least a whole season. I'm hooked on it now. It's a soap opera really, but it's early 20th century and it's England, so that's good enough for me. Hush, children. Mama's watching her stories.
- Grown up clothes. Recently, I've realized that I tend to dress like I'm about 20. That's a problem, because I'm going to be 30. And I have two kids. I'm not saying it's time to look for sales at Christopher and Banks, but I tossed my ancient pair of beat up Chucks and bought a couple blouses at Target, and it felt really good. It's nice wearing something other than a t-shirt sometimes. (Note: pajamas are not included in grown up rules and never will be, thank you very much.)
- Millie's imagination. She spent an entire morning sitting sideways on the couch, telling us she was going to space. She'd occasionally tumble onto the carpet and say something like, "Oh no! I'm in space!" Kids with imaginations are getting more and more rare. I'm glad she has such a good one.
- Doughnuts. They've been on my mind lately.

And now, a few things I do not love:
- Picking out a purse. I need want a new bag, but I'm so picky. It has to go with all my clothes. It has to look great in every season (even though I'll probably be tired of it in a month). I look at bags at Target on at least half my shopping trips. I try them on my arm, look at zippers and pockets, imagine purse-using scenarios, and then sigh and put them all back. I cannot commit. It's a problem.
- Dry lips. Never enough lip gloss.
- Chantal moved to Korea last month. She had to take a 12 hour plane ride to get there. The longest flight I've been on was 4 hours, and by the end of it, everyone on the plane hated everyone else, there were so many weird smells, trash was all over the cabin, and I couldn't feel my legs. Thinking about a 12 hour flight makes me hyperventilate.
- Not having snow boots. I live in Illinois. It tends to snow here in the winter. Why are none of my boots waterproof?
- When babies get sick. We were all sick for a week or two recently, and it wasn't fun. But the worst was when Walter got the bug. It's rough when they don't understand what's happening, and it's harder to console them. I'm so glad he's better now.
- This weather. Snow is okay. Winter is okay. Even cold is okay. The high on Monday is supposed to be -8 degrees. The high. After a huge snowstorm we're supposed to get. That is not okay.
- Walter growing up. Sigh.

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10 kind comments from you:

Karen said...

First of all, I LOVE those pictures of Walter. What a handsome fellow. And after watching that video about the app, I totally want it now. I feel your pain on the weather and snow boots. It's cold up here. And snowy. And I don't have real boots either.

Jen said...

I tried to watch Downton Abbey and couldn't get past the opening credits. I guess it's really good though? I think I shall do a Love/Do Not Love list next week. I like it.

Jamie said...

Sick babies are the worst. We've gotten hit hard this year. Not fun.

Anonymous said...

I've made a few flights to korea. One of them was 14.5 hours b/c I had to go through Dallas. I wanted to hang myself and everyone else by the time it was over, haha.

Breenah A said...

My biggest annoyance with the weather is that there's nowhere to go and even if there was, it's too cold to even walk to the car with a kiddo. Cabin fever is almost worse than the flu over here.

Michelle said...

Downton! It's so good it hurts. But then again, anything set in England is fine by me.

Picking out a purse is the WORST. I've needed a new one for a long time and finally pulled the trigger a few days ago. I am so picky about them. I also need snow boots!

I'm posting one of these Monday. It's like you read my mind, because I've been writing one of these in my head for about a week now.

Cat said...

Doughnuts are pretty much always on my mind. I'd eat them every day if I could.

For the purse, this one is on the pricey side, but have you heard of Miche bags? You can change the look of it with a different shell and don't have to move all your crap. I've wanted one for a while, but probably won't get one for a few years.

I can't stand the weather, either. Our high for Monday is -10. Barf.

Allison said...

LOVE: Walter in his snow bear suit and Downton.

Fran said...

Downton! I know you know how much I love this show but I feel like I need to shout it from the roof tops. Kind of like my love for Walter in his adorable hat and bear suit.

Also, I think I might do one of these tomorrow!

Mrs McDancer said...

That app! I have to download it right meow. And Gbear plays a similar game to Millie's I'm in space. He likes to put his little chair with the back on the ground and his feet in the air so he's blasting off into space in his rocket ;-) love the way kids think!

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