June 1, 2009

Practicing Life

-I attempted hard boiled eggs (which is basically on the same skill level as just boiling water... before you snicker, remember my cooking ability or lack thereof.) I popped one out of the fridge and into my mouth, taking small nibbles in case they hadn't cooked right. But they did! And it was so beautiful, I ate two in celebration.

-Speeding off down dark brick streets the second my bike was ready will go down in the history books as one of the most exhilarating feats ever. I came home to feel sweat dripping down every bit of me, and utterly out of breath from pedaling as fast as I could. I felt the wind whoosh past me and inhaled the scent of all the flowers as I passed. I pulled into the driveway thinking I haven't felt this good since, eh, roughly two and a half months ago. Of course, I couldn't have felt better then, but that's a different story.

-I feel like I actually met the neighbor girl below. She sipped a can of pop, offered my dad and I a tire pump to use, and asked me lots of questions followed by sweet "Uhhh huhhhh. Uhh huhh. Mmm. Uhhh hmmm."s. She was kind of loopy and airy in a fascinating way, and I realize that she and her boyfriend must stay together despite their fighting, because I'll bet she is his muse.

-Getting a postcard from the USPS saying "We missed you!" I smile, open the door, and have to stand on the stairs to look at it again. I think "Erica" is picking up a box from Afghanistan tomorrow! If it's the canister set from my mom, I have to admit I will be disappointed...

-I felt independent getting my bicycle. As I tried unsuccessfully to shove it into my trunk at various angles, the downpour that had held off all day suddenly appeared, and I was instantly soaked to my skin. I ran back into the store with the bike, my khakis inches wet on the hems, and my once straightened hair turned into a weird mass of crazy curls and spirals. I waited out the few minutes of rain until it was sunny again. A rainbow was spun across sky but I was too preoccupied with wheel dimensions to notice much. Lucky, my father was on his way to have dinner at a restaurant feet away and helped me tie it into the car. Unluckily, the bike's seat also popped off during my futile attempts with the trunk, which meant he had to come by that evening to tweak things here and there so it was rideable. Independent woman I was not.

Work On:
-The bike is not quite there. I need all the bells and whistles-literally. Baskets and headlights and rear racks, oh my! My Amazon wishlist is therefore updated.

-Learning how to say no is way past due. I don't like hurting people's feelings, but sometimes I worry too much about the wrong people. It's impossible to please everyone, and I've gotta drill this in my head.

-It's high time I perfected my on-the-go procedure around the neighborhood. Messenger bag? Check. Necklace with keys? Check. But I never know what to do with my phone. It's been tucked into my shorts uncomfortably, and looks about as cool as a guy with a pack of cigarettes in his sleeve.

-I need him to come home to remind me how to rest my hands on a pool table, how to lose myself in his laughs, the way he said good morning when I think he's asleep, and how it feels to hold his hand without letting go for hours.

-Doing things alone, besides errands. Real things-like sit in a movie theater by myself, or go to a concert solo. For some reason, this takes bravery on my part, which means it should be done and conquered.

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