March 5, 2011

Six Minutes in Hell- My First Vlog

I should not promise anything ever.
Earrings are one thing- easily solved, as I wrote about yesterday.
Vlogs are an entirely different matter.

Apparently, ever other word I say is "amazing". I also roll my eyes up to the heavens quite often. Maybe this is nervousness- God help me if this is me in every day life.

I mumbled half of my words also, so turn up your speakers- if you dare.

My deepest apologies for what you are about to hear and see. If you are a new follower- I have never done this before, and, based on the outcome of this recording, don't necessarily plan on doing it again anytime soon.

The questions I answered:

From Beka:
1. What are 5 words that do NOT describe you?
2. If you could be one person for a day, who would it be?
3. What is one odd habit you have?
4. You have the opportunity to spend 1 month in a foreign country. Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you meet?
5. What is your most cherished career-dream?

 From Rachel:
1. Favorite book & why? How many times have you read it?
2. You have opportunity to have lunch with any 3 people (dead or alive isn't relevant), who are they?

From Rachlle at The Adventures of Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. :
1.What was one dream you had as a little girl that you will never forget?
2. Do you have any recurring nightmares or dreams?

 From Jamila:
1) Whose your favorite poet and why?
2)If you could be transported into a book, any book at all, which book would it be?
3) If you could be any TV or movie character who would you be?


4 kind comments from you:

Beka said...

awww, come on. i loved it!
when i find out that a blogger has at least one vlog, i love to watch it, just for that extra perspective beyond the things they post.
you're cute.
i should do a post asking for questions, because my vlogs have always been randomRANDOMrandom. heh. :]

this can't be your last. someday you should do another one sometime. :D

Kaylee said...

This was fun to watch!!!! It's always fun to see the faces, in real time, behind the blog!

jamila said...

so cute! next time (and i really, really hope there is a next time!), just speak a little bit louder :) i loved this!

A Boring Girl said...

Im finally watching this months later...nicely did! But I have a video of you that I think you're followers would love to see!

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