March 22, 2011

Well, This is Awkward...

A picture of my brother and I,  taken 4 years ago at Fort Benning.
Notice my shoes and generally awkward pose.

"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; 
dress impeccably and they remember the woman." 

I haven't gotten out of my pajamas yet today. I'm not looking forward to it, but it's not for the comfort factor like you may imagine. It's actually because I am clueless when it comes to dressing myself. Hi, my name is Erika, and I am an awkward dresser.

I don't know why I seem to be the only one with this problem. At 26, I feel confused about which section to shop in- the women's section looks so...old. The juniors section looks so...young. I've not yet entered the jean jumper and turtleneck age, but I also don't want to wear crop tops and neon jeggings.

I have a weird relationship with shoes, too. Like so many girls, I could spend an entire wardrobe budget on shoes alone, but I have an insanely difficult time pairing the right shoes with the right outfit. I don't have a clue what my every day shoes should be- do I wear heels with jeans, or do I wear tennis shoes? I usually end up wearing my grey Chucks, looking like a wannabe punk just back from a concert or something.

When I last worked (as a medical secretary), I wore the same types of things in the same few colors: black, khaki, gray, and more black. I had it all figured out. Those colors looked good on me, I could match everything with everything else, and if Jennifer Aniston could do it, so could I. I remember somehow digging a dark purple shirt out of my closet and pairing it (of course) with khakis- my coworkers were in awe, complimenting me over and over on my use of color. Was I really that predictable?

This is yet another reason why I'm slightly nervous about the upcoming ball- will it be just another occasion for me to regret my outfit choices? I love sun dresses, nail polish, headbands, and skirts, yet I feel insecure wearing all of them. Why can't I put a whole outfit together for myself and feel happy about it, even confident?

At least Millie is a snappy dresser. Maybe I just need to have her clothes tailored for me...


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Beka said...

first of all. . . . chucks aren't that bad. i have a black pair or two, and i wear those with anything. but flip flops --plain black or white ones-- in the spring/summer/early fall take top of the list 88% of the time.

heels with jeans are awesome; whether they're skinny jeans, flare, or straight wide-leg.

i think there are things in the juniors that you could wear without looking like a complete teenager. you just have to pick some basics or a few special things and pair them right....
i agree; most of the womens stuff looks quite stuffy/solemn, or just not right. the thing in my mind before this moment was the store kohls. now, i'm thinking of target also, and my mind is spinning all the more...

know or try on new things that could be staples... try out different colors; step out of the comfort zone you're used to. i know it's hard, but also having someone else there --my sis, anna, is a great pusher of new things; she has more faith in me than i do myself in some things-- helps.

if i have any more thoughts come to mind, i'll be sure to comment again. ;) just want you to know that you can still rock the greys, the blacks, the neutral colors, but adding more color with different pieces helps a ton. :)

Beka said...

holy crap. sorry for the novel of a comment:)

Mrs.B said...

Since I had my daughter I feel that I "shouldn't" wear a lot of things. I'm still trying to find my place in the fashion world.

There's nothing worse then wearing something that makes you feel uncomfortable so for the ball wear something that you feel good in.

annoyed army wife said...

My friend told me I looked 'like a seventh grader just getting into Pearl Jam' last week. I think I need fashion help, too.

ines said...

Im the same way. I walk into a store and not quite sure where I need to shop.

For me, I always go for jeans & chucks...I live by them. I think I have ever color known to man. ok, maybe not all colors, but I do have a lot and i don't think i'll ever phase out of that. I have heels, but barely wear them unless there's an occasion where I need to be all dressed up. I have UGGs but this SoCal weather doesn't allow me to wear them...I always end up wearing what I feel comfy in: jeans & chucks.

Now, lucky for me I grabbed my mom's taste in fashion and dress up my chucks and jeans. at work, I wear skinnys and flats but when I'm not at work I tend to be more of a relaxed dresser. I end up paring my jeans with a nice cardigan (another infatuation i have) and some chucks. trust me, it works. it says "i'm mature, but I like to be comfortable."

Steph said...

I'm a fashion reject. I had anxiety over finding a dress for the last Army xmas party. Good luck!

Mrs. H said...

I think everyone secretly thinks they're an awkward dresser. I wear my sperrys all the time and end up looking like my husband with a mini version of cargo shorts and a polo. And I will absolutely not wear heels unless they're comfortable! :)

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