June 22, 2011

After the Storm

"Everybody is waiting for cooler weather--and I am just waiting for you."
Bob Dylan

At first, the evening in Chambana looked like this:

But afterwards, it was glorious.

But better than the end of a storm? The end of AT. Sky will be home in just a few days.


4 kind comments from you:

Poekitten said...

Gorgeous rainbow! Glad your hubby will be home soon:)

Ashley D. said...

Beautiful pictures! :)

Mrs.B said...

My sister still lives in Illinois in McHenry and she was texting me yesterday when it was storming!
Love the rainbow, but I love the fact that your hubby will be home soon even more!

JennyTheBeatBoxer said...

Man, last night was ROUGH here. Well, not in the suburb I'm staying in, but the one I'm working in got hit HARD. They're saying 148,000 without power and they probably won't have it for a few more days. I'm glad yours had a happy ending though! :)

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