June 3, 2011

I'm a Guest

Diary of a Devil Dog Wife

Today, I'm blogging at Diary of a Devil Dog Wife

She has a pretty good reason for not blogging right now- she's too busy welcoming her Marine home! Yea!

So make sure to head over to my post and leave some sweet comments. 
I am spilling about Millie's brand new skill. 
It's been the hardest thing to keep it off my blog and Facebook for this past week!

And one last thing- a gentle reminder for new and old readers alike.
If you comment on my blog, and I never respond to your comments,
it's because you don't have your reply-to email set up.
I usually  respond to every single comment I get,
because if you can take the rime to read, I definitely want to take the time to thank you!
It makes me have a sad face when I can't write you back-
and some of my favorite bloggy friends don't have this done.
So please read this post to find out how to fix it,
and let me thank you for all your lovely comments.



3 kind comments from you:

Katie said...

Of course, another beautiful article! And, GO MILLIE!! :)

beka said...

what a guest post! the cutie is growing. *sniff sniff*

Anonymous said...

What a lovely guest post. Those milestones go by quickly don't they?

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