June 2, 2011

Song Linkup, Of Course!

Two things.
First, a hilarious snippet from my father. He's taking some college courses right now, and got some glowing feedback. He emailed me what the instructor said, then added, "So yes,  writing is genetic it seems, you're welcome :)"

Thanks, Dad.

The other, is that it's Thursday. And Thursdays can only mean one thing- a song linkup with Goodnight Moon, of course. My pick for this week is an awesome band, but this song is quite a bit different from their usual rock (which I also love, and which my baby brother can play amazingly well on his guitar). This is probably my favorite song from them, though. The lyrics are so moving.

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The Lengths by The Black Keys

Tell me where you're goin',
What is goin' wrong,
I felt you leavin',
Before you'd even gone,
Hold me now,
Or never, ever,
Hold me again,
No more talk,
Could take me from this,
Pain I'm in,
Pain I'm in,

See the moonlight shinin',
On your window pane,
See it leave you,
As faithful as it came,
Please yourself,
So you don't have to,
Be afraid,
Make amends,
Or carry on another way,
Another way,
Oh oh,

Tell me what you were thinkin',
To treat somebody so,
The care he took,
The lengths to which he'd go,
The coals are hot,
To walk across,
Without your shoes,
But in the end,
Know that you've got nothing to lose,
Nothin' to lose,
Oh oh.


8 kind comments from you:

Anonymous said...

True Story: I have a friend that moved to Hollywood and her first gig was in a Black Keys music video. There are a bunch of girls fightingby a pool over a dinosaur. She is one of those girls.

I've never heard this song of theirs though- Man, I love the slow down feel of them! Thanks for sharing it!

Jen said...

GREAT SONG!!!! it's soo relaxing ^_^ Just what i need right now.

Ashley D. said...

I can always count on you for a song and a band I have never heard of :) Great song choice!

annoyed army wife said...

Ha ha! Your dad's awesome.

Nicole Marie said...

HAHA!! I love your dad's comment!

My husband just discovered The Black Keys, and he really likes them. Which is nice because I am getting sick of listening to 80's metal every time we drive somewhere. It's overkill!

I have not heard this song yet. It is a good one! I can always count on you to post a song with some amazing lyrics :)


Kristle said...

Awww, your Dad sounds adorable! I LOVE your song pick! Never heard of them before, but I LOVE the style! Thanks for introducing me to something new!

Goodnight moon said...

What another great song! Where do you get your music from? Seriously...you always have the perfect songs!

Sorry I'm just now making my rounds. I feel better today, I felt like death yesterday! Thanks for linking up!!!!

L0veLindsey said...

The Lengths and The Luckiest... FAV's!!!! They are going to be stuck in my head for weeks now!!

Your dad sounds awesome!!

By the way, I'm having a giveaway on my blog : )

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