July 20, 2011

Silly Boys

Tonight, I'm stretching it a little bit for the song link-up with Goodnight Moon.

I mentioned that Sky got the Smothers Brothers album and a Rat Pack album for his birthday. Here's one of my favorite Smothers Brothers tracks, as well as a goofy song by Frank, Dean, Sammy, and Johnny, and another video of their crazy banter.

Sky actually got the Rat Pack DVD that this came with, so you're watching part of what kept Millie so enthralled. Sky and I couldn't stop laughing- it doesn't get cooler than these boys. How much would I give to be in the audience that night!

Smothers Brothers:

Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Johnny Carson) singing "Birth of the Blues":

Rat Pack goofing off and impersonations:

Birth of the Blues
These are the blues 
Nothing but blues 

Oh, they say some people long ago 
Were searching for a diffrent tune 
One that they could croon 
As only they can 

They only had the rhythm 
They started swaying to and fro 
They didn't know just what to use 
That is how the blues really began 

They heard the breeze in the trees 
Singing weird melodies 
And they made that the start, the start of the blues 

And from a jail came the wail 
Of a down-hearted frail 
And they played that 
As part of the blues 

From a whippoorwill 
Way up on a hill 
They took a new note 
Pushed it through a horn 
Until it was worn 
Into a blue note 

And then they nursed it 
They rehearsed it 
And then sent out that news 
That the Southland gave birth to the blues 
They nursed it 
And they rehearsed it 
That the Southland they gave birth to the blues

4 kind comments from you:

beka said...

ohh gosh those vids are TOO GOOD.
i laughed.
thanks for posting, dear!

Nicole Marie said...

Smothers Brothers. Say that 10x fast.

Great videos. I can stay up late and watch these guys all night. Reminds me of my Grandpa, which is always comforting.

Thank you for sharing :)

Mrs.B said...

At our family gatherings there's always a lot of alcohol, and a lot of The Rat Pack.. and it's always a good time! Great picks.

Mrs. H said...

In lieu of the Rat Pack....
husband and I were watching both Ocean's 11 a couple days ago.

And the Smothers Brothers....hilarious! :D Awesome pick!

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