July 22, 2011

Some Things You Can't Understand

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."   Thomas Campbell

While Chase and Ayden were visiting here, they brought up Sky's military career. It's kind of a difficult concept to grasp for a 6 and (almost) 5 year old. Chase was looking at some of Sky's photos from Afghanistan when he asked me, "Is Daddy a good guy?" "Yes," I said, "Of course he is."

He thought about this for a second, then nodded. Reassuring us or himself, he said, "If he wasn't, he wouldn't be alive."

"Yeah," I said softly. I wasn't going to correct him. If only it worked that way, I thought. If only it were that simple.

Please keep this military family in your thoughts and prayers today.

3 kind comments from you:

beka said...

ohmy. speechless.

just read the post you linked to.
dear God.
i'll be praying for them.

charla beth said...

oh my God.
that was the hardest thing i think i ever read in my 23 years.
i can't stop crying and praying for them.

by the way, your thoughts in here are beautifully bittersweet. life is so hard to understand sometimes.

Alana said...

I almost wish I hadn't read that post. I've been bawling for 20 minutes. But I think they deserve for others to be sad, if that makes sense.

Beautiful post.

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