January 29, 2012

Deep Dark Secrets

I recently hit the 350 follower mark, which astounds me. Thank you all for following!

I'd like to do a Q and A post soon since it's been quite a while, so whether you just starting reading or you've been here for years, ask away!

Anything you would like to know about me, Millie, marriage to Sky, etc.? Whether it's something silly or something serious, leave a comment, and I'll answer them all in a post.

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Marine Wife Unplugged said...

Alright! I'd like to know three topics that you would like to hear a pastor preach on, and why those three.

Jenn said...

Congrats on 350! That's awesome!

Amanda said...

What's your keys to success when it comes to getting your blog out there. :) 350 is amazing and looks crazy next to my 15.

Michelle said...

How did you and Sky manage to get your marriage back on track after what you went through?

Anonymous said...

Well, I've already asked you a few questions ;)
But ... I know you want to be a journalist, but really - what is it that you would want to do every day (and get paid for!)? (Crazy pants ideas included - indeed encouraged.)

The New "Normal" said...

I love this idea! And congrats on 350 followers - that awesome!

OK, my question: I love that you stay home with Millie and am SO jealous that you get the opportunity to spend all day with your sweet little one, so...what do you and Millie do during your days? What things do you do for fun together?

Just a random question :)

Taylor said...

What are your tips for new moms?

Paulena B. said...

I have been a reader for quit a while. I must have joined and started reading after whatever happened with your and Sky. I am still in the dark about it. Don't feel obligated to answer this. I get sort of lost when I see a post that mentions your rocky past.

I love your blog!!!

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