March 21, 2012


Today, I have the pleasure of writing a guest post
for a blogger who has become a good friend (thanks, Twitter!)- Fran from Free Borboleta.
I like the way this lady thinks- I have a feeling we'd have a ball if we ever met in person.

She's in the midst of her fun Traveling Series, and I've traveled there today,
talking about a place on earth I'm homesick for even though I haven't exactly been there yet.
Go have a read, and leave me some sweet comments! 

3 kind comments from you:

Fran said...

I'm thinking all the Sisterhood of the Camo Pants need to move together already!

beka said...

going over to read it! :) :) so behind on blog reading with this busy week...

charla beth said...

WOW, erika. that post absolutely blew me away. i feel like i should've been reading itt out of some travel magazine! you made me feel like i was right there in england, walking those dream cobblestone streets with you.

and that last line? stunning.

there are simply not enough words to tell you how much i loved that post:) definitely bookmarking for a future read.

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