May 24, 2012

World's Best Shopper

I remind Sky quite often that I just may be the world's best shopper. This week, I think he may have been convinced.

We don't really buy new clothes. Other than the occasional pull from the Target clearance rack, we buy all the things we wear from Goodwill, Salvation Army, and consignment shops. I would do the same thing whether I had $5 or $5,000,000 in the back- it just seems silly to me to buy something full price. (That theory goes past just clothing, but we obviously stick to sale items or store brands, and not half-eaten Oreos!) Millie goes through clothes too fast to buy her anything new anyway, and I can always find great things secondhand- plus, they're preshrunk for me!

So this week, Tanger Outlet Stores was giving away $10 gift certificates with a military ID. Sky and I each had one, so that was $20 for free. Even though it's a little drive from where we live, we decided it was worth it. Oh boy, was it! (And for all your military families, the deal runs through Monday)

We planned on visiting a few different shops, but ending up doing all our shopping at the Gap Outlet. Everything we bought was on clearance- marked low with additional discounts after the markdown.

We got to the counter with our arms loaded up with the following: one pair of jeans (me), one pair of yoga pants (me), one hoodie (me), one camisole (me), two very cute tank tops (me), two t shirts (me), two sets of pajama pants and tops (one for me and one for my mama), one t shirt (Sky- he couldn't find much he liked that day), and another item not pictured (a baby present for a friend who happens to read this blog!).

(these sets were about $3.50 each)
The total we should have paid for all of our items? $363.40.
We paid $34.91 after our gift cards. I would have paid twice that for just the jeans alone.
We saved $328.49 (or about 90%).

($60 jeans I ended up paying $4.78 for, and one of the t-shirts)
I wasn't able to write the longer post I wanted to tonight, but now you all know what Sky knows, too.
I know how to shop!

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Fran said...

That is amazing.. would you come be my personal shopper? haha I always try and find deals but nothing like this haha

jax from the harmon squad said...

Oh, how I love sales!! Makes it hard for me to spend more than $10 on a pair of jeans:) And the clearance rack is pretty much where I get 90% of our clothes. I tried Goodwill and the whole second-hand thing but 1. it really isn't cheaper than the Target or Old Navy clearance rack. and 2. I'm very very petite so second hand stores never have my size. (it's hard enough to find it in the "regular" stores) Although you better believe I keep EVERYTHING my kids have every worn or used so now with baby number 3 being another boy the ONLY thing I have to get is a carseat. It's pretty awesome:)

Oh, and thanks for giving me the shopping bug... :) Although I doubt I can convince my husband to do it (he HATES shopping)

ginanorma said...

I think this should be on the local news! You ARE the worlds best shopper Erika, I LOVE this story!!! And those jeans are super cute, I bet they look great on you...hahaha love this:)

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness.. jeans on sale is like heaven to me!! You are a great shopper.. please fly to KC and go shopping with me. :)

Dilan Dilir said...

love the stuff :D

Kristi said...

I LOVE thrift stores! I hate buying new but it seems that the older the kids get, the harder it is to find good clothes for them at the thrift store. I think it's a time thing. They grow faster than I can find the right thing in the right size. :)

lindsay said...

NICE! I've never heard of target outlet...wish we had one, especially with the discount c:

Michelle said...

That is AMAZING. I love when you hit the sales just right! So many of my favorite clothes are things I grabbed for several bucks on clearance. But you hands down take the best shopper award. Especially for the jeans....$4 jeans is beyond a dream come true!

Chantal said...

Good job!! I wish we had one of those close by!

Mel said...

Good for you! That's how I shop too - I don't get the point in doing it any other way! :)

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

Great finds!!

beka said...

oh man, i love this.
on sale is the way to go. :)

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