May 25, 2012

You're a Grand Old Flag

We saw quite the sight on Tuesday morning. There was an Honor Flight coming to town- it's a program that flies World War Two veterans to Washington DC so they can see the memorial made for them, something most of them have never had the chance to do. And before they arrive at the airport, as well as when they're welcomed back home, there is a lot of fanfare.

My dad is the fire chief at the airport, and he suggested we come out to see the flags being put up all along the road to the terminal building. Millie was instantly mesmerized. 





This van belongs to the "Flag Man". He travels all over with his 3,000 flags, and they're used for events like this, military funerals, and homecomings. When he saw Millie standing by the road, he jumped out of the van and handed her a tiny one of her very own. She couldn't have been more excited. Being the wife of a soldier, I so appreciate what he does. (Update: this great CBS interview was broadcast a few days after we met the Flag Man. It definitely moved me to tears.)




This is just a section of the road. Isn't it a beautiful sight? I could have sat and stared for a while.


Below is the entrance to the airport- how the vets saw it as they pulled in for their flight the next morning.



Millie with "Papa" (my dad, the fire chief at the airport). She was so surprised to see him!




We didn't get to attend the homecoming ceremony, and it turned out to be just as well- a delayed flight meant they didn't arrive until 1:30am, which is past my bedtime and definitely past Millie's! I'm still glad we were able to see the flags, and hope we'll make the next homecoming for the flight this fall.


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Fran said...

That is awesome, reminds me of the VA Cemetery in my town in Michigan

Jenn said...

So cool! I'm sure they appreciated the recognition so much!!

Great photo of you and Millie :)

This American Wife said...

My grandpa took an honor flight last summer from OH to DC & it was one of the most amazing experiences he's ever had! He still talks about how wonderful it was.

Mel said...

Great photos, honey. Beautiful! And it sounds like a really cool experience.

Michelle said...

1. LOVE all those flags. And the cornfields in the background. Makes me so patriotic :)
2. Love that they're honoring WWII vets.
3. Millie! So cute. And with the flag? Stop it!
4. Such a good picture of you two! :)

ash said...

that little child of yours is precious. ♥

Chantal said...

Great photos!

greaterexp said...

This is just all-around great! I love the service this group provides, as well as "flag man." I know you're teaching Millie to respect her country and flag, even when we don't agree with its leaders at times, and you're teaching her to honor those who have gone before us who have preserved this country for us. What wonderful pictures! Thanks to all our veterans!

Karen said...

Beautiful pictures - and Millie is adorable. 100% adorable.

jax from the harmon squad said...

What an amazing sight!! One of my friends was able to photograph one of the Honor Flights and the images brought me to tears it was so moving. Glad you got to see a little part of it!

Jen said...

Stunning pictures!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful sight, and what an awesome job the "flag man" has! :)
I love these photos.

Warrior Wife said...

Awesome pics.

Amanda said...

These pictures are amazing!! :) Love the last one.
Honor Flight is such a GREAT thing. When we lived in Maryland I went to one of the arrivals in Baltimore before their bus ride to DC and there is just as much fanfare for them there too. But these flags are simply stunning.

beka said...

1. i love would have me mesmerized also!
2. she's getting to be such a little girl [versus being just a toddler, boohoo]! so sweet though :)

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