July 31, 2012

Two Years in a Flash


"All children, except one, grow up." 

Oh Millie.

You were just one yesterday, and I couldn't believe it then. You were just born the day before that. At least, that's how my heart sees it.

And now, you're two. Two years of life, gone by in a flash.

Those two years have been filled with memories; they are treasured moments I will never forget. But what I remember most about the last two years was your first day- the first time we met. Seeing you there in my arms, with your tiny fingers and rose red lips, I felt as if I were the one who had just been born. I've never felt more alive in all my years, before or since that day, than I did at that very moment. You breathed something into me that so beautiful, so God-given, so magical that all I could do when the doctor held you up was cry at how perfect it was. How perfect you are.

And my, this year. While your first year was full of change from newborn to baby, this year has changed you from baby to little girl. There are still tiny rolls of baby fat that I love to feel in your hugs, and there are countless moments of new discoveries, but it was a different kind of year. You learned to walk, to say your first word and then your first 500 words, to put together sentences, ask for what you want, and tell me when you have a boo-boo. Walking turned to running, you outgrew more clothes and shoes, and you learned how to sing songs. Even when you request "Wheels on the Bus" 10 times over on the way home, it's worth it to hear your small voice chiming in from the back seat.

You win everyone over with your smile, shining eyes, and sweet greetings. As you grow, it will be easy to dismiss me when I tell you how beautiful and smart you are, but at least believe them- the lady in the checkout line at the grocery store, the older couple on a walk, the nurse who says she won't say a baby is cute unless she means it, but that she thinks you are just gorgeous. It's true. It always will be true.

And what I've learned will always be true? That you won't really grow up. Yes, you'll grow tall, have a family, get a degree, and do big and beautiful things with your life, fooling everyone around you. But I know that your daddy and I will always remember that first day. And no matter how brilliant and bonny you become, my heart will remember the moment your fingers wrapped around one of mine.

Two or twenty two, I'll always see you in that split second of pure joy. Of new life.

Happy second birthday, Amelia Kae. I love you so.






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Jenn said...

So sweet! Happy 2nd birthday Millie!! (And job well done, Mama) ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Millie! Such a sweet little girl.


Anonymous said...

This is so sweet!

Mrs.B said...

Happy Birthday, Millie!!!!

Sarah said...

I can't believe it. I started following your blog shortly after Millie was born, and it has flown by. I've thoroughly enjoyed how your blog has grown in those 2 years as much as I've enjoyed seeing Millie grow & especially reading your words about it. Millie is very lucky to have such a tender, eloquent record of your love for her. P.S. I especially love the last picture, with all the words. :)

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Millie! Beautifully written post - totally made me cry :) She is definitely a beautiful little girl :)

Chantal said...

Happy Birthday Millie!! She has grown into such a cute little girl!!

Thisisme. said...

What a beautiful montage of photos for us to look at. Happy Birthday Millie! This was truly a lovely post that you have written for your beautiful daughter. I hope that she gets to read these posts when she is older, so that she will know just how much she was (is) loved. The last photo with all those words is so cute. Love it! They really do grow away far too quickly.

Marinewife1111 {Marcella} said...

Such a beautiful letter to her; thanks for sharing it with us. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter!!

Jen said...

Happy 2nd Birthday!!! Beautiful letter to her. :)

Michelle said...

How precious! Happy Birthday, sweet Millie. You have the best mom :)

ginanorma said...

cute cute collage! thank you for sharing her with us, it's so crazy how fast it really does go, look at me, i have a Senior in HS!? WTheck!?

Steph said...

Awww... how sweet! Happy Belated Birthday Millie!

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