August 1, 2012

Millie's Second Birthday- Vintage Country Sweet Party {Part 1- The Decor and The Dress}


Millie's party was low-key as far as any theme goes, but I knew I wanted to use a lot of vintage touches- all the table linens belonged to my sweet Grandma Alice, and I loved having a bit of her memory there. I also used some old Ball mason jars my dad found in his basement a while back. The rest of the decor was new, but I think it still had that old, broken-in vibe. For party favors, I got old fashioned candy sticks in various flavors, and a set of red and white striped pencils my mom had found. Simple, light, and sweet.

(I found the printable labels for the jars here, flower idea here, the printable wall bunting letters here, and the printable cake bunting here.)




These flowers were fun to make. The ones in the tutorial look more refined, while mine look more like Dr. Seuss, but Millie knew they were flowers so it's all that mattered! We've kept some around in her room.




This was the sign on our door.


And, per tradition, we have to write something on the chalkboard.

Her dress was made by my mom. Isn't it sweet? She made a little matching bow for her hair, too.



Closeup of the dress- a little ladybug print, perfect for a country theme! And below are her "sparkle shoes" from Sky's mom- she adores them and would probably wear them everywhere if I let her.




I'll be blogging all about the rose cake and menu tomorrow! (Hint: the cake actually worked out! Yea!)


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Mommy McD said...

Such gorgeous ladies! Love the decorations.

Jenn said...

Oh my word that is SO CUTE!!! Love the picture of you two together, and the decorations are just adorable. Now I am wanting this exact party. Maybe I could change the "2" to "26"? ;)

Mrs.B said...

Love! So simple and so cute. Good job!

Mrs. K said...

This looks great. I love it. Simple and precious!

Karen said...

What a cute party!! Can't wait to see more pictures and hear the rest of the details. I love Millie's dress. Nora has the same shoes - she wore them as Dorothy for Halloween lol.

JG said...

What a cute party! So sweet and simple. Well done!

Chantal said...

Such a cute dress. I love the decorations!

ginanorma said...

super duper!!! did you make the buntings then? I love how sweet and stylish this decor was, simple yet made an impact!!!

Birdie said...

Oh what a lovely theme! It looks so perfect! I am super jealous of those pretty shoes :)

rach. said...

happy birthday to her!

love the blog girl!

love, rach.

Fran said...

such a cute dress, and love all the decorations :)

Amanda C. said...

I love the decor! And that dress is so precious! And that it was made by your mom makes it so special, how sweet!

Lydia said...

I just love it! Everything is so darn cute!

____j said...

I love the decorations! Her little outfit was perfect!

Michelle said...

I love it all! So sweet and simple and exactly how a 2 year old's birthday party should be :)

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