December 8, 2012

Christmas Giveaway- Semper Wifey


This weekend Christmas Giveaway is a great one for those Army followers of mine. Semper Wifey is a blogger who has created these military men cards and sells them in her shop

She writes, "These military men stationery cards are perfect as a moving announcement, as a note to drop in the mail, to attach to a gift, or as a gift themselves! They are sure to bring lots of smiles! Each note card set has eight note cards and eight envelopes."

You can find Semper Wifey here:

Facebook blog page:


What you could win: One set of notecards- the winner's choice of available designs!

Semper Wifey


7 kind comments from you:

Sue said...

I love the Hello There!

Kaylee said...

The "Hel-O" are way too cute! I get a kick out of these cards!

Dani said...

Hello There- cute card to send out!

Holly Robertson said...

Can I get a Yut Yut! Hilarious!!!
Also, storenvy storefronts are free. and pretty great.

Lou said...

Love this,so cute!

Poekitten said...

The I'm green!

Michelle said...

They are all cute! I like the "Im green" :)

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