October 9, 2013

Love/Do Not Love {No. 2}

Fran and I love most of the same things, but we disagree on college sports...
I posted my first Love/Do Not Love list a month ago, and it was so much fun, I wanted to bring it back. Several of you joined in, so like last time, if you make your own list, leave a link in the comments so we can all visit you. Without further ado, here are a few things I love and a few I'm not so fond of...

I love:
-Hanging out with Fran of Freeborboleta fame. Though I forgot to take my camera (thereby forfeiting the title of blogger and only using blurry cell phone photos in this post), it was so much fun getting to see her again. The last time, I was on her turf in Seattle. This time, Fran and her sweet mama drove hours just to spend an afternoon and evening in Chambana. It was awesome to introduce her to Millie and Walter. But mostly, it was just did my heart a lot of good to spend a day with one of my dearest friends- eating deep dish pizza, taking a cold walk around campus, and warming up with some Starbucks. The only do not love part of this? Having to say goodbye.

The rest of my loves:
-Chinese food. I order the same dish 99.5% of the time: sauteed broccoli in brown sauce with white rice and lots of crab rangoon. We have a pretty great place nearby, which means the owner lady instantly recognizes me, Sky, my dad, and Millie. In fact, Millie's managed to charm her way into free watermelon slices ever time (which aren't on the menu). Every so often I like to pretend I have room for doughnuts, eat one, and then complain that I'm dying. I could eat there every day and not get sick of it.
-Huge, fluffy bath towels. The bigger, the better. And someday, this lady is going to buy a heated towel rack (and heated floors, while we're at it). I once used one of the towels Sky takes on military trips, and I'll never get over it. It was a potholder-sized square of sandpaper, I think. Gross.
-Praise for cooking. If someone tells me twice that they love the meal, I may believe them. If they tell me once, I'm sure they're just being polite. If they don't tell me at all, I am positive they hate my food, hate me, and I should just burn down the kitchen. I might be slightly insecure about my cooking- can you tell?
-Snail mail. I love letters, packages, those random address labels- if it's not a bill, I'm excited about it. (I'd ask you all for your addresses if I thought there was hope I could write back.) I swoon over pretty stationery and fancy pens.
-Ginger. It's all I want lately. Christmas may come early in this house, because it's going to be gingerbread everything. (Speaking of, make these cookies.) Pumpkin is so last week.
-Notebooks. Specifically, the smaller ones that fit well in my purse. I think up ideas for blog posts in two main places- in bed, long after I should have been asleep, and while I'm out somewhere running errands. I keep a little lined notebook between the front seats, and grab it to jot something down all the time.
-Saying 'peanut butter' in Spanish. Google it. It sounds twenty times tastier, and slightly scandalous.

And now, a few things I don't love:
-Driving and spacing out. All I know is that I leave my house, and ten minutes later, I'm in a different part of town. I have no memory of all the twists and turns that got me there. It scares me a little, and makes me wonder exactly how I can be on auto pilot so much that I am completely unaware of what I'm doing.
- Also, driving at night. I always feel about 85 years old when I'm squinting through the windshield and complaining that everyone has on their high beams. Blind as a bat.
-Flute music, especially jazz flute. (I apologize if you play the flute.) No thanks.
-The person who invented white kitchen floors. No, it's cool. I like needing to sweep five times a day.
-Deciding what to wear. It takes me more time to pick an outfit than it does to do my hair and makeup. If I (magically) love the outfit I'm wearing, it still takes a lot of time. If I don't love it, it takes years.
-The wrong cleaning products used on things. Pledge used on glass? Glass cleaner used as bathroom cleaner? Kitchen cleaner used in any other room of the house? I can't handle it.
-The first time someone asks how old I am after a birthday. So awkward. I state at them blankly until I figure it out, and probably seem 10 years older than I am just because I can't remember.

What things are you loving- or not?

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Anonymous said...

I hate driving at night too :( also big fluffy bath towels are awesome. And I definitely joined in on the fun :)


Kathryn B said...

I love Chinese food as well and I almost always order the same thing. The girl behind the counter used to know me, until they changed the girl :( She was new to our country and always practiced her English on me. She was really nice.
I hate driving at night but for a different reason. I live in the land of the retired and these people cannot drive! Most of them probably at this point shouldn't drive at night, but you can usually tell when you are coming up on one of them, and I try to get by as quickly and safely as I can.

Chantal said...

I forget how old I am these days. It's like I turned 26 and my mind shut off. I actually keep thinking I'm 27 for some reason...

Kaylee said...

Hehehehe. Just looked up peanut butter in Spanish and am now giggling at what you said about it! I am totally with you on driving and spacing out/night driving - ugh! I squint so bad when the sun goes down. And the other day, I spaced out so bad, I ran a stop sign. Lucky for me, the police officer didn't ticket me, there was no one else around, and it was a teensy little intersection with a nearly-hidden stop sign. Learning to be more aware now :)

Jenn said...

I am FULLY WITH YOU on white floor hatred. It is making me slightly insane these days and why hasn't anyone created a self-cleaning kitchen floor yet???

I can't drive at night either, and it makes me feel like I should qualify for AARP or a discounted breakfast at Waffle House.

And you just *mentioning* deep dish pizza made me hungry...

Jessica Lynn said...

I finally got to use my towel again after three months and it was such a blissful experience. Also, I just signed us up for a trip that we'll (hopefully) go on in February. Well, come Feb we'll both be 30 and it said so. I saw it there and had a momentary freak out...not because I'll be 30, but because I genuinely can't even remember turning 29! And on that note, I just drove in the dark and I totally squinted the whole time. growing up stinks!

Mrs.B said...

I'm with you on the driving at night, I hate it! And there are zero street lights out here so it's even worse. I'm so happy you and Fran spent some time together, pretty awesome!

Fran said...

You would pick the worst possible picture, wouldn't you?!

Dude. I hate driving at night too - I was squinting all the way from Chicago into Michigan last weekend. ALL. THE. WAY. haha

Jamie said...

I hate driving at night too! I don't feel safe. I don't trust my eyeballs.

Michelle said...

I could honestly copy and paste 99% of this list. I'm so jealous you have a good Chinese place nearby. James and I were just talking last week at the lack of a good hole-in-the-wall Chinese place here. They make the best food. I am the same way with cooking. So insecure about it! I think it's because I taught myself in college, and for all I know I'm destroying everything and no one has the guts to tell me. Nothing better than snail mail :)

Ugh deciding what to wear!! That is a daily battle :(

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