April 29, 2011

Easter Photographs

"She had long accepted the fact that happiness is like swallows in Spring. 
It may come and nest under your eaves or it may not. You cannot command it. 
When you expect to be happy you are not, when you don't expect to be happy 
there's suddenly Easter in your soul, though it be midwinter." 

I promised Easter pictures, and I didn't realize I took nearly 200 that day. Luckily for you, I have whittled it down to this handful of my favorites.

The Easter bunny on Easter morning
In her Easter dress
She was not a fan of that headband!
With Daddy

Us girls
Feeling fancy with flowers in our hair

A glamour shot?
My sweet baby
Our family
This is probably my favorite


Sky was so excited that she fell asleep oh his shoulder...she never does that!
Worn out
It was much too cold here to wear the pretty white dress I had planned, but I wore in a flower pin in my hair, figuring if I could ever get away with it, it would be on Easter. The best part was getting to see everyone on my side of the family and dressing Millie up in her white linen dress. I can't wait to find a dress for her next year!

P.S. Welcome, new readers! So glad to have you here.


11 kind comments from you:

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

She really is extraordinarily adorable.

Amanda said...

great pictures!!!
your daughter is so precious. what a cutie!

heart like mine said...

these pictures are so precious. i love millie with her little bunny ears--soo sweet.

and the way you look at her is just amazing. like a woman in love. :) it's beautiful.

Steph said...

Awww... great pictures! She's too cute!

Pettijohn said...

Cute pictures!

Beka said...

ohmyword, the sleeping-on-daddy's-shoulder pic is beautiful.
just so....restful.
that dress is so sweet on her! hah!

Mrs. H said...

I can only hope that I have children as cute as yours! Love your pictures! :D

Consider The Lilies said...

SO cute :) aww i love her little dress and the headband, even if she wasn't so much a fan of it ;) and the picture of her sleeping on daddy ohh so precious!

Anonymous said...

Sky is super adorable. Those pictures melt my heart. Super cute!

Michelle said...

Millie is so adorable! I just want to squeeze those cheeks.

The dress was such a find, seriously gorgeous!

Deanna said...

Beautiful outfits-beautiful pictures-GORGEOUS baby! Wow, you are so blessed.

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