February 7, 2012

You Asked- and I Answered

Last week, I asked if you had any questions for me, after realizing it had been a while since we talked like this. I really loved the response I got! After putting a few days of thought into my answers (okay, and a few days of delay because of the whole chickenpox thing), I'm ready to post them all for you. Here we go:

Melissa Jaine asked: Well, I've already asked you a few questions ;) But ... 
I know you want to be a journalist, but really - what is it that you would want to do every day (and get paid for!)? (Crazy pants ideas included - indeed encouraged.)

Can I first just say I love the term "crazy pants"? Because I do.

Being a journalist is what I would love to get paid for! Specifically, I'd love to work at a newspaper, a magazine, or maybe an advertising agency. I also think it would be a ball to be an editor. If I couldn't do those things, I think it would also be fun to learn more about graphic design and photography and work in those fields. I'm currently trying everything to get a Pell Grant so I can finish the college I started too many years ago. Fingers crossed!

Marine Wife Unplugged asked: Alright! I'd like to know three topics that you would like to hear a pastor preach on, and why those three. 

Wow, what a question! I can't think of three specific topics, but I love when pastors are bold enough to bring up things that are hard to talk about, but are things so many people deal with in their private lives. Does that make sense? Sermons should be practical and applicable.

Shell Bell asked: How did you and Sky manage to get your marriage back on track after what you went through? 

The short answer is "by God's grace". Honestly. 

The slightly longer answer? I can't answer for Sky. On my end, though, it was a lot of down on my knees, sobbing out prayers. It was staying married when I didn't feel like being married anymore- literally taking it one day at a time. It was reminding myself that a good marriage is one of the most valuable gifts I could give to Millie. It was knowing that if we could get through it all, it would be worth it 20 years from now. And, as I say over and over, we aren't there yet. We're so far from the perfect couple, it's laughable some days. I think the key is just trying, and if that day was a flop, trying again the next day.

The New "Normal" asked: I love this idea! And congrats on 350 followers - that awesome! OK, my question: I love that you stay home with Millie and am SO jealous that you get the opportunity to spend all day with your sweet little one, so...what do you and Millie do during your days? What things do you do for fun together? Just a random question :)   

It is the greatest blessing of my life. Money is stressful, but I often think I'm lucky to be where I'm at- because I don't have some huge corporate job waiting for me, daycare isn't an option financially speaking, and for me, that's a wonderful thing. There is nothing more I want to do than spend my days caring for Millie.

What do we do? I should write a whole post on this someday, like I've seen others do. This past week, it's been nothing but cuddling in the rocking chair, calculating the next time for medicine, giving oatmeal baths, watching Sesame Street together, and all the other not-so-glamorous parts of sick days.

On a regular day, though, it's pretty simple. We play. We sing. We read, read, read- that kid could read 24/7 if I had the energy. It seems like we're always getting ready for the next meal, next nap, and next diaper change- sounds boring, but that's life!

Somewhere Over the Camo asked: What's your keys to success when it comes to getting your blog out there. :) 350 is amazing and looks crazy next to my 15.

The first key? Simply realizing that any blogger with 100, 500, or 50,000 followers started off at 15, too. Don't ever get discouraged based on a number. That said, writing is my passion, so followers are important to me- that many people care to read what I write, and that's so humbling! I remember very well being at 15.

The couple things I've learned so far? You have to connect- don't follow rules about writing posts a certain way, using keywords, or whatever else all the 'pros' will tell you. Write from your heart. Be honest- don't sugar coat. Comment on the blogs you love. Respond to comments you get. Discover the part of blogging that I didn't realize existed in the beginning- it's not a one-sided experience, but a place where you can 'meet' good friends and support.

Our Military Home asked: What are your tips for new moms? 

Hmm...well, things I wish I could have told myself when Millie was a newborn are: Buy cloth diapers now and save hundreds of dollars. Don't get a pack and play, because you'll never use it. Don't stress over her clothes or anything else, because she's a baby and won't remember anything she has (and will stain most of it anyway). Buy more secondhand things, especially maternity clothes, high chair, toys, books, etc. And take lots of breaks, whether it means handing her off to a grandparent or resting when she naps instead of trying to catch up on chores. Sanity is priceless!

Everything and Nothing from Essex asked: What inspires you to blog? Some days do you ever feel like just deleting your blog and maintaining a more private existence and if so- what inspires you to keep going? 

I haven't had the whole shut it down urge, honestly. I think the reason I started blogging was just to have a kind of online diary, but there are a lot more reasons now, like connecting with all the military spouses since we don't live near a base, talking to moms who go through the same things I do, and having an outlet. There are sometimes where it can feel a little awkward since some of my real life friends and my family read this, but I don't want to let that stop me from being honest, whether it's good or bad.

And Jenn from Life with the Lieutenant said: Congrats on 350! That's awesome! 

Thanks, Jenn!

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Jenn said...

OMG pack-n-play= total waste of $$!! And I second the cloth diaper statement too!

This was super-interesting to read as I am a fairly new follower and enjoy your writing! :)

Deanna said...

I have been working hard on the "replying back to each comment" thing. Not as easy as it sounds! Kudos to you for keeping up with that! (now I'll expect a comment back on this...lol. (-: (you seriously inspire me!)

The New "Normal" said...

I love reading all of your answers! And I appreciate the honesty that you bring to your blog. Like Deanna said, you inspire me too!

Marine Wife Unplugged said...

VERY interesting. (Kind of funny that my comments are so much shorter than my blog posts, but that's because well... comments are not about myself!) lol. You're one of the only bloggers I consistently read about and WANT to read, as opposed to feeling like I ought to. Thank you for your transparency. I'm sure you don't let it "all" out, but if I'm wrong about that, even better. :)

Leenie said...

I really enjoyed reading all your answers. You are so real. Love that.

Chantal said...

Great answers! We actually use our pack n play all the time, but that's because it's her bed right now and has been since we brought her home! Once she gets her own crib I don't think we'll be using it much, but we sure are using it now.

Amanda said...

Ah your advice is so true. I am slowly learning.. and I even gained 2 more followers. :) So thank YOU for the link up!! You are very inspiring to be so open in such a professional manner! :)

beka said...

that's funny--most of the moms i know would say the same thing: cloth diapers, and ditch the pack-n-play. well, except for the nice hand-me-down one that we used for the little one we watch sometimes. not a regularly useful thing to put money into though. lol

love this post :)

Anonymous said...

Well maybe for me, wanting to be a journalist *is* crazy pants ;) (Because I'm surrounded by them every day!). Sending out good vibes to the Pell Grant people. :)

Heather said...

Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I adore you. That is all.

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